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Eight Foods That Are Essential For A Pregnant Women

When a woman is pregnant her dietary needs change, the expecting mother should increase her daily intake of certain nutrients without increasing so much the calories so she doesn’t end up putting on too much weight, some foods are more important to an pregnant woman than others, due to the high levels of nutrients contained in these foods, let us take a look below at which foods you should be eating often during your pregnancy to make sure you are providing for yourself and your fetus all the needed nutrients to be healthy and to develop properly.

1- Eggs.

Eggs should be an essential addition to your daily diet during your pregnancy, eggs provide you with a good level of protein that is needed for the development of your fetus in addition to other essential vitamins and minerals that will boost your health and immune system.

2- Beans And Lentils.

Beside providing high level of protein that is important for both the mother and the fetus, beans and lentils, let us say legumes in general provide a reasonable amount of dietary fiber that protect you from constipation that is often associated with pregnancy, beside fibers and proteins, legumes are usually rich with folic acid which is essential during pregnancy, therefore making sure to eat lentils or beans daily will allow you to get advantage from all the benefits we just mentioned.

3- Leafy Greens.

Leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli are perfect sources of iron which you need to increase your intake of during pregnancy, they also provide your body with calcium, vitamin C and folic acid, you can enjoy your leafy greens in many ways, enjoying them raw or mildly cooked will grant you the maximum benefit you could get.

4- Berries.

All kinds of berries are packed full with vitamin C and antioxidants, which are essential to boost your immune system during pregnancy protecting you from infections or the seasonal flu that your body become susceptible to during pregnancy.

5- Milk.

We all know that a pregnant woman require more calcium than a regular woman, indeed a pregnant woman require twice as much calcium as a regular woman, to help forming the bones of the fetus and strengthening the bones of the mother to support the childbirth.

6- Bananas.

Bananas are great and filling specially in the first trimester of the pregnancy, they help to ease morning sickness while providing a sensation of satisfaction and various vitamins and minerals, bananas also help to maintain your blood pressure normal during pregnancy.

7- Oatmeal.

Oatmeal will help to provide your body with energy throughout the day slowly while protect you from the laziness and the sleepiness associated with pregnancy, oatmeal for breakfast will also keep you full and satisfied for a long time.

8- Nuts.

Nuts provide you with healthy fats that help in the development of the brain and the nerve system of your baby, they also give you energy however make sure you are not allergic to nuts or some type of nuts, as your fetus could be allergic as well, a medical observation and approval is required in such a case.

 Foods That Are Essential For A Pregnant Women

Eight Foods That Are Essential For A Pregnant Women

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