4 Foods You Eat That Make You Stink

There are plenty of foods we like that are good and useful in healing some diseases but cause stinking smell within our sweat. Our bodies have two kinds of sweat glands that are found in our underarms, on our foreheads, the palms of our hands, the soles of our feet, lower abdominal area and genitals.

Sweat is just salt and water that gets out of sweat glands during a hard workout and pick up the scent from foods you eat. The bacteria that exist in your clothes make the odor you smell after a hard workout. Some areas like lower abdominal area and genitals sweat to get rid of wastes as fats and proteins. The bacteria on your skin feed on the proteins in sweat. The bad smell comes from the waste products of those bacteria.

Cruciferous Veggies : Cabbage and broccoli are very healthy and filled with many vitamins. They help in the digestion process and useful for your diet. Although they have many benefits, they are smelly food like onions and garlic.

Curry : It’s a mixture of spice herbs. Indians and Pakistanis use it in most of their dishes. It has a delicious flavor and healthy benefits .When you cook with curry, its stinky smell sticks to you and spreads around the place. The bad smell also comes from your pores after you have eaten it.

Fenugreek : Fenugreek has a strong odor and healthy benefits. You can eat it raw or cooked and you can also drink it.

Garlic : It makes you stink when you eat it raw or cooked with food. When you cut the garlic it produces sulfur compounds that stick around in your breath and sweat. It has health benefits to your body and fights many diseases like cold. If you like garlic, you can drink lemon or milk to remove its smell.
Foods You Eat That Make You Stink