Three Foods That Damage Your Brain

People don’t stop speaking about what foods to eat in order to maintain your waist line, forget about that for a second and think about your brain and cognitive abilities, some foods can actually harm your memory and brain on the long term, so be aware.

1- Tofu.

In a study that was made by the journal Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, an association between a high consumption of tofu 9 or more servings per week with memory loss and cognitive impairment. The study was made on 719 Indonesian men and women who ate tofu more than 9 times a week, the participants faced higher memory challenges than those who didn’t when put through a series of memory tests.

2- Foods High In Sodium.

Beside the fact that sodium has such a negative effect on the cardiovascular system and blood pressure, sodium was found to have a damaging effect on cognitive abilities and brain cells as well, in a Canadian study that was made on 1262 participants that were divided into low, medium and high sodium consumers Aging between 67 and 84, those who consumed higher sodium and experienced less physical activity showed higher cognitive decline than those with low sodium intake.

3- Tuna.

Not just tuna can increase your risk of cognitive dysfunction but also all the other species of fish that are high on the food chain like shark , swordfish, snapper, tuna, grouper and bass. They are high in mercury which effect your brain negatively over time, experts advice to limit your consumption of those types of fish to four or less servings per month.
Foods That Damage Your Brain

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