Five Foods To Completely Avoid Before Going To Bed

There are many things in our daily lives that can get you sleep deprived, like stress, work, family issues, health problems and more, but unfortunately food is also one of the factors that can kill your sleep, although no one of us want to hear that, but there are certainly some foods that can trouble your sleep so it is just better to stay away from these types of foods before going to bed, below will be listen five foods you must avoid before going to bed by at least three or four hours, read on and you will find out what those foods are and why you should avoid them.

1- Pizza.

Which way is better than having a lovely pizza and watching a movie on your sofa to end your day? But unfortunately pizza is on the list of the foods that should be avoided before bed, when you eat pizza at night, it is like you are giving your stomach extra work to do when it is supposed to be getting ready to rest, pizza is Fatty and it contain many Acids which may trigger heart burns during your sleep, the thing that will certainly wake you up and trouble your sleep, so it is just better to avoid such fatty foods at night and you can enjoy then at any other time of the day.

2- Ice Creams.

Yummy, that sure will make everyone reading this article sad, ice cream is such a lovely desert after dinner, but the fat and sugar loaded ice cream cone can trouble your sleep to a big extent, therefore it is just better to avoid ace creams before going to bed, fat usually take much longer than other food components to digest while sugar will boost your energy levels to a big extent, so it is just better to avoid your temptation until the next morning.

3- Celery.

It is surprising isn’t it? This nutritious vegetable should be avoided before going to bed? Why? Yes celery is very diuretic and it will certainly break your sleep frequently to visit the toilet, so if you want to have a continues comfortable sleep try to avoid celery before bed and better eat them with your lunch.

4- Stay Away From Alcohol.

Did you think that alcohol can help you sleep peacefully just like everyone else thinks? Well this concept is completely wrong, drinking alcohol before sleep will break your sleep and leave you tossing and turning in bed for hours, that is because alcohol metabolizes quickly and that will send energy signals to your brain and wake you up, try to avoid alcohol completely before sleeping at least two hours as it can even cause sleep disorders like Obstructive Sleep apnea, alcohol also contracts your eye passages, which will make you inhale more oxygen, the thing that can lead to other further health problems.

5- Coffee.

Not only coffee, any other food or beverage that has caffiene as it is a stimulate and will keep your central nervous system alerts which sure will give you difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep.

Foods To Completely Avoid Before Going To Bed

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