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Foods that burn belly fat

Belly fat is considered a common problem for most girls and women around the world. The accumulated fat in the belly comes as a result of huge amounts of sugar which is converted into fat around the abdomen area. Here are some of the foods that can help you get rid of the belly fat easily.

1- Apples:
What about starting your day with a delicious apple? It’s a nice idea recommended by doctors and experts. You can also add a cup of oats in order to have a complete meal in breakfast. Apples contain vitamin C, flavonods and beta- carotene which makes them very good for burning fat especially in the stomach area.

2- Bananas:
A banana has about 75 – 130 Calories. Moreover, it is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins. Bananas do not only help in losing weight but also help to improve your health.

3- Celery:
It is used in cooking many dishes and it contains a lot of vitamin C and calcium. It is one of the vegetables that help us lose weight and burn fat.

4- Sea food:
It is recommended to consume sea food three times a weak. These foods have of a type of monosaturated fat which works to prevent the accumulation of fat especially in the abdomen area.

5- Tomatoes:
Tomatoes are used largely in many dishes like sauces and salads. But, do you know that tomatoes reduce the accumulation of fat in the blood? It also works as an effective filter to protect our body from the accumulation of fat.

6- Avocado:
It is not true that avocado makes us gain weight. On the contrary, avocado has oleic acid which helps in delaying or stopping the feeling of hunger.

Foods that burn belly fat

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