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Foods That Should Be Avoided When You Have Stomach Aches

We all get some tummy aches from time to time, children are more susceptible to stomach aches than adults eating the wrong foods can aggravate the pain, find out below why foods or drinks to avoid completely while having stomach aches.

1- Sodas.
Sodas contain sodium carbonate and citric acid and benzoate, which are chemicals that aggravate stomach disorders, even if it helped you burping.

2- Chocolate and Caffiene.
Chocolate cause some sort of relaxation of the esophageal muscle, such as mint, causing increased acidity levels. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which irritates the stomach, and the chocolates contain milk products.

3- Fatty Foods.
Fatty foods Activates certain chemical receptors in the stomach which increases the bloating sensation and the production of acidity .

4- Spicy Foods.
Eating hot or spicy foods in general while having some aches or indigestion is not going to help by any way, they will only worsen the pain.

5- Processed Foods.
Processed foods are similar to sodas and soft drinks in the use of citric acid and sodium benzoate as preservatives, in addition to other chemicals that increase the irritation of the stomach, specially tomato sauces or paste should be completely avoided when your stomach is upset.

6- Citrus Fruits.
Citrus fruits increase the acid levels in the stomach which will only make your feel worse when you are suffering from indigestion.

Foods That Should Be Avoided When You Have Stomach Aches

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