8 Foods that Adds Age to Your Appearance

You are what you eat. This saying may literally apply on your skin; what you eat may harmfully or beneficially affect your skin. Consequently, a poor diet may harm your skin making you look much older than your actual age. The following are examples of foods that may speed up your aging process if consumed frequently.

Caffeine : Any caffeinated beverage has a dehydration effect that may be noticed on your skin. Dehydrated skin is dry aged skin. Can’t abandon caffeine? Befriend your moisturizer.

Coffee : Coffee is an acidic drink that may cause diminutive pores in your teeth. The best way to avoid that is drinking a glass of water after coffee to stabilize this acid.

Black Tea : Tannin content in tea may leave behind stains on your teeth, accompanied with lemon, the acidity causes pores. Tea with milk, on the other hand, reduces the staining.

Alcohol : Alcohol distresses liver’s function in which it rids the body off its toxins. It highly dehydrated you and deprives you from sleep. Sleep deprived dehydrated skin with buildup toxins show wrinkled, acne and more.

Sugar : When you consume too much sugar, the excess unites with protein resulting in a product that damages your skin’s collagen. Furthermore, the sugar from sweets tends to glue itself on your teeth causing decay.

Red Meat : Red meat is fatty meat that liberates free radicals that’s usually damaging to cells and inhibits collagen release. The best way to fight off these free radicals is by obtaining anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

Salt : Sodium in general retains water and causes dehydration. That reflects back on your skin. Again, moisturizing your skin regularly remains the key.

Spices : During menopause particularly you may need to cut down on the spices. Spicy foods dilate your blood vessels causing puffiness and redness. The process is more severe during menopause.
Foods that Adds Age to Your Appearance

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