• Reasons To Eat Organic Meat

    Five Reasons To Eat Organic Meat

    All foods can be found in organic form now, and just like organic fruits and vegetables are better for you, organic meat can be better for your health for several reasons which will be listed below, these reasons will convince you to only eat organic meat from now on. 1- No Antibiotics Contained. Organic animals are not allowed to take antibiotics or feed on genetically modified foods, other drugs and vaccinations are not allowed either, so you won’t be eating meat along with the side effects of drugs you never consumed, the difference is clear, organic meat is far healthier than the other normal meat you get in the shops. 2- High Quality Protein. The protein found in organic meat…

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  • How to Get Rid Of Obsessive Fear

    How to Get Rid Of Obsessive Fear

    Fear and obsessive fear are two feelings that go hand in hand most of the time, which generates a feeling of fear of frequent obsessive thinking about different things in an overkilling way, the influence of fear and obsessive thinking is not only limited on the mental state , but it also has a serious impact on the health and the general state of the body, which both form a major alarming sign and prevent the person from progressing in life or doing anything of interest, so such thinking must be disposed in any way possible, to avoid serious consequences. – How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Fear. . Meditation is one effective way to clear the mind and focus…

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  • Energizing Smoothies for Longer Lasting Energy

    Energizing Smoothies for Longer Lasting Energy

    Just starting the day and having a busy list of many activities? Just thinking how many things you need to get done during your day may get your sluggish and lacking energy, your best choice in this case is having an energy booster that will energize you to carry out your day tasks, resist the temptation to reach out for a coffee drink that will give you an instant rush followed by a subsequent crash and try out the following energy boosting smoothies. 1- Chocolate, PeanutButter protein smoothie. This mouthwatering smoothie packs in a high amount of potassium and protein to a long lasting energy levels. – Ingredients. 2 tablespoons coco powder. 3 tablespoons peanut butter. 1 cup low fat…

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  • Quick Banana Pudding in the Microwave

    Quick Banana Pudding in the Microwave

    The microwave is a very easy and quick way to make left overs fresh again, but it’s uses are not only limited to that, now there are several recipes that you can successfully cook in the microwave, and the advantage of that is, you will be able to make the dishes and treats your family loves in under five minutes because the microwave is faster than the regular oven in cooking foods. Today I brought you a recipe of a lovely desert you can present to your children and you will not need to spend long time in the kitchen to prepare, only a few minutes and this nutritious desert is ready to please your children and even yourself. Banana…

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  • Baked Potatoes Soup With Beef Bacon

    Baked Potatoes Soup With Beef Bacon

    Baked potato soup is a new recipe you can surprise your family with, it is very filling actually so it can be presented for lunch just alone or with some toast, or you can have it as a side dish for dinner, enjoy it the way you like . Check out below the ingredients you need and the directions to get it done. – Ingredients. One cup cooking cream. 1 1/4 kilo potato’s cut into cuped. 3/4 cup butter. 3/4 cup flour. 1/2 cup beef bacon. 1/4 fried beef bacon. 1/2 cup mozzarella and cheddar cheese mixed. One large diced onion. Two sliced scallions. 1/4 cup sliced celery. A handful chopped fresh parsley . 2 liters chicken stock. One liter…

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  • Foods You Shouldn't Heat In The Microwave

    What Foods You Shouldn’t Heat In The Microwave

    The microwave is the fastest and easiest way to reheat your food and make it fresh again, however some types of foods shouldn’t be reheated because that can break down the nutrition in them or even build up toxic substances that over time may lead to health problems, find out what foods you shouldn’t reheat in the microwave and why. 1- Celery. Celery is a key ingredient in soups however reheating celery can cause the nitrate compounds in it turn into toxic substances. 2- Spinach. Just like celery, reheating spinach can cause the compounds in it to turn into cancergenics substances. 3- Potatoes. When potatoes are cooked and left in room temperature for more than four hours, that can cause…

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  • Foods That Seem Healthy That Cause Quick Weight Gain

    Five Foods That Seem Healthy That Cause Quick Weight Gain

    Five Foods That Seem Healthy That Cause Quick Weight Gain. We all know that cookies, candies and high fat foods lead to weight gain, but who would have imagined that foods that seem healthy like granola with yogurt or fresh juices can also lead to weight gain because they are high in calories? Check out below the following surprising foods that lead to weight gain. 1- Diet Soda. Even sodas that are artificially sweetened or those naturally sweetened with Stevia or Erythritol can also lead to weight gain. Studies showed that when we eat or drink something that tastes sweet, our bodies expect calories, but when there are just a few calories presented then the brain react by slowing down…

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  • Foods That Cause A Quick Weight Gain

    The Foods That Cause A Quick Weight Gain

    Most people suffer from not being in their ideal body weight by either being over or under weight, both are problems that can lead to several physical and emotional problems. The key to reach your ideal body weight and be in a desired shape and look is by reorganizing your diet plane, the foods you eat and the quantities can be controlled to manage your body weight. In this article we will inform you of the foods that lead to quick weight gain so you can either stay away from it in case you want to shed weight or increase your intake of it if you are underweight. 1- Fruit Juices. Most people have a wrong understanding that fresh fruit…

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  • Best Inflammation Fighting Foods

    The Best Inflammation Fighting Foods

    Inflammation is the root for almost all the degenerative diseases such as heart diseases, Arthirities, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases, cancer, lupus, etc. Unfortunately a whole body inflammation is hard to diagnose and can turn to chronic inflammation over time. Causes of inflammation include fatty and processed foods as well as a sedentary lifestyle that lacks physical activities. Foods that cause inflammation include:- Excessive alcohol. Fried foods that are rich in trans fats and hydrogenated oils. Foods high in Refined sugar like candies and sodas. Processed meats. All these foods should be excluded from your diet and replaced with inflammation fighting foods such as:- – Turmeric. Turmeric contains a magical compound called curcumin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, make sure to add…

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  • One Day Diet Plane To Get Rid Of Belly Pooch

    One Day Diet Plane To Get Rid Of Belly Pooch

    Getting a flat belly should be a long term goal, it requires effort and dedication to successfully follow a diet plan that results in losing overall weight and flatten your belly, losing too much weight in one day is not possible. however if you just have a little pooch, some foods can differ in how your belly looks like, just like there are foods that can get you bloated some foods can help De-Bloat you. Check up this one day diet plan to De-Bloat and slim down your midsection. – Avoid Water Retention. Water retention is one thing that can add inches and even pounds to your overall weight, you can literally stop noticing in change on the scale if…

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  • Harmful In Eating Too Much Bacon

    What Is Harmful In Eating Too Much Bacon?

    Although it may not be harmful if taken in moderate amounts, you may be extra cautious and hold back on bacon and other similar like beef jerky and lunch meat if you are at a higher risk of certain health conditions like high blood pressure and heart diseases, bacon contains nitrate which has been showed to increase the risk of cancer in animals. – Nitrates In Bacon. As mentioned in a study done by the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition in 2009, both nitrates and nitrites are often linked to cancer and infant methemoglobinemia which is a blood disorder, bacon contains nitrite in a form called sodium nitrite, which is used to protect the meat and keep it from pathogens.…

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  • Surprising Foods To Give You A Flat Belly

    Surprising Foods To Give You A Flat Belly

    Do you want to have a FLAT rather than FAT BELLY? Excess weight or abdominal bloating can make your midsection look and feel uncomfortable, to differentiate, abdominal bloating is a temporary situation caused by gas building up in the intestines, it could be caused by food you ate or a medical condition, however fat is as you know requires to change your life style a bit in regards of what food you eat and how much to move your body in order to have a flat belly, check out the following surprising foods to give you a flat belly. – Fennel Seeds. Dried Fennel Seeds are very nutritious, they provide fiber, magnesium, iron and Calcium, they have been used as…

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  • Foods And Drinks Get You Dehydrated

    What Foods And Drinks Get You Dehydrated?

    Our human bodies are made up of 70% water, without water our bodies won’t be able to function properly. We lose fluids everyday through urinating, breathing and sweating so it is important to take in enough water to make up for the lost fluids and stave off dehydration that occurs when your body loses more water than it takes in. Losing more water than your body gets will leave the cells depleted and unable to function on a proper base. Losing fluids depend on several factors such as the body’s health state, activity levels and other environmental factors such as humidity levels and temperature. All those factors can cause mild dehydration if you are taking some amount of liquids even…

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  • Tips and Foods for Cleaning your Kidneys

    Magical Tips and Foods for Cleaning your Kidneys

    Kidneys are considered as one of the most important and major organs in our bodies. This organ is responsible of performing a lot of important functions like, increasing the red blood cells, regulating the blood pressure, releasing important hormones like, rennin, removing wastes and toxins and so many other major functions. I think by now you realized the great importance of this organ and you are ready to do your best to support it and maintain its vital activity. You can do this by taking some simple steps and the first step will be following a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, drinking enough water, doing exercises and so many other healthy habits. Eating healthy foods is…

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  • foods and drinks that cause insomnia

    What are the foods and drinks that cause insomnia?

    Insomnia is a disease that most of the people suffer from. It is a state of discomfort in sleep which makes the person loses his ability to sleep well. Although there are some foods that can help to treat insomnia, but there are others which can cause insomnia. 1- Excessive amounts of water: Although drinking water is very useful for avoiding many diseases, but drinking large amounts of it before sleeping makes the bladder full. As a result, it will increase the number of times you want to pee during the night and that will raise the risk of insomnia. 2- Drinks: Such as coffee and tea as well as soft drinks contain a high proportion of caffeine. Thus, they…

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  • your body when you stop eating bread

    This is what happens to your body when you stop eating bread

    Food systems and diets vary a lot as some of them require eating all kinds of foods, while others require giving up eating certain types of food. Among the most popular diet systems is a system which prohibits eating bread or other carbohydrates from the daily diet system. But what happens to the body in this case? Find out the answer with us in this article. 1) You will lose weight: When you stop eating bread, you will lose weight so fast. However, you will not burn fat but you only lose water. 2) Energy levels will be reduced and your activity will diminish. Whole grain bread contains large amounts of iron, magnesium and vitamin B, which stimulates the production…

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  • These foods will help you to study better

    These foods will help you to study better

    You may face some difficulties to focus and concentrate when you are studying. It’s true that drinking coffee can keep you awake all day long, but it will not help to boost your brain power and you will probably end up getting stressed. Scientists have discovered some amazing foods for the brain that will help you study better, and here you will find some of these foods. 1- Berries: If you are used to studying late and you feel that your mind is beginning to wander, try eating some red berries and they will help you concentrate more. Berries help to reduce toxins in your body and improve the blood circulation in your brain which will make you able to…

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  • reducing the craving for fast foods

    Simple steps for reducing the craving for fast foods

    There is no doubt that fast foods are so delicious, but they are not healthy and they are rich in calories, sugar and fat. For this reason, we advise you to stop the consumption of these foods regularly so as not to cause harm to your body and your health. Here are some simple steps that will help you do this. – Try to plan your meals in advance in order to prevent yourself from buying unhealthy foods. Identify the food items that trigger your appetite and make you eat fast foods, like chocolate and chips, and stop buying them. – Support your meals with proteins that will give you a feeling of fullness for a long time and protect…

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  • Healthy foods for gaining weight

    Healthy foods for gaining weight

    If you are thin and you want to gain some weight there are some kinds of food that can help you. Of course, there are some medicines that may help you gain weight but these medicines may be dangerous to your health. So, it’s better to try these foods to help you put on some weight without harm. 1) Potatoes: They are the perfect choice for gaining weight as they are rich in fiber and vitamin C. Also, potatoes keep the body and the skin tightened. In addition, they contain certain amino acids necessary for gaining weight. 2) Bread and whole grains: They are natural sources of carbohydrates. But, it’s not advisable to have white bread because it doesn’t contain…

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  • reasons you will eat more of spicy foods

    For these reasons you will eat more of spicy foods from now and then

    Do you like eating spicy foods, but you are constantly afraid of the possibility of the appearance of pimples on your face and throughout your body? If you are a lover of these foods, then this article will raise your interest considerably. Studies have proven that spicy foods have great benefits for both your health and your mind. Discover these benefits with us in the article below. *Spicy foods reduce your risk of developing diseases and tumors: The Capsaicin substance which is found in spicy foods works to control the development of the cells which cause tumors. Researches have shown that this substance kills carcinogenic cells because of its content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. *Spicy foods contribute to improving…

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