• How To Make Your Kids Love To Eat Vegetables

    How To Make Your Kids Love To Eat Vegetables

    How to make your kids eat vegetables and love them? is a question that most mommies ask themselves at some point of their daily lives, making your children eat their vegetables will ensure that they are getting the needed nutrients and fibers to grow healthy physically and mentally but unfortunately it often happens when you see your kids playing around with the vegetables served on their plate, leaving them or even throwing them in the pin. Forcing them to eat it or talking about it often may get them to be even more stubborn so how can you solve this problem? Here are a few tips to encourage your kids to eat all their vegetables everyday with joy. – Start…

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  • What Your Food Cravings Really Tell About Your Health

    What Your Food Cravings Really Tell About Your Health

    Ever found yourself day dreaming about a certain type of food in the middle of a class or a work meeting? This is not hunger this is called cravings, cravings don’t only happen because you are hungry, they are also be messages your body are sending you to provide a certain nutrients you have been denying your body of for long time, so it is important to listen to your cravings and just so you don’t get confused, here are some popular cravings and what they mean. 1- Fried Chicken. If you find yourself craving fried chicken then you are either lacking on protein or needing and missing something, fried chicken is a comfort food so we may feel for…

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  • Five Foods That Will Uplift Your Spirit In Minutes

    Five Foods That Will Uplift Your Spirit In Minutes

    Food is not only a mean of keeping us alive, but it was proven that food can influence our mood both directly and indirectly. By direct influence I mean that, when you hear there is food that you like for lunch you get excited and happy and you feel satisfied after the meal, and when you are forced to eat something you don’t enjoy you may get unhappy and have a bad mood. The indirect influence is by the nutrients each type of food provides, nutrients rich foods provide the body with its needs to function at its best rate, while calories rich and nutrients-poor meals will only get you bloated and your body will have to suffer for hours…

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  • Bits Of Information You Probably Didn't Know About Gluten

    Bits Of Information You Probably Didn’t Know About Gluten

    The new trend of gluten-free diets doesn’t seem to be slowing down, indeed more people are trying to go gluten-free either because they have to avoid it due to a health condition like celiac disease or they think they are sensitive, if you too are thinking about going gluten-free check these tiny bits of information you maybe didn’t know. – Gluten may not be the only culprit in celiac disease. A study conducted by Columbia University shows that, other proteins in wheat besides gluten also trigger problematic symptoms in patients of celiac disease, while gluten is the main protein in wheat, a study showed that a number of subjects with celiac disease had an immune reaction towards other five groups…

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  • Simple Tricks To Spot Fake Plastic Rice

    Simple Tricks To Spot Fake Plastic Rice

    There are too many food innovations or let us say “fake food” in the markets nowadays and the origin is always one place China, those fake foods are filling up grocery stores and unfortunately very difficult for most of us to spot them, one of those fake foods is ‘plastic rice’, plastic rice that looks, feels and tastes just like real rice, for a normal consumer it could be very hard to find out that the rice there are eating is actually made up of plastic. As you may already know that plastic is made up from harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be ingested at all. So to protect yourself and your children from many serious health threatening conditions that eating…

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  • Five Richest Protein Options For Vegetarians

    Five Richest Protein Options For Vegetarians

    Protein is very important for the building of the muscles, women need about 46 grams of protein and men 56 grams daily, protein can be found in a variety of foods like eggs, poultry and legumes, however there’s a common misconception that vegetarians and vegans are missing out a big deal on protein, but this is false because there are many plant based foods that provide as much protein as meat does with even an extra advantage, which is skipping on the high fat content found in meat. Here’s a list of the highest foods in protein for vegetarians. 1- Quinoa. Quinoa is originally cultivated in Bolivian and Peru and it has been the stable food in there for centuries,…

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  • Foods To Get A Serotonin Boost

    Try These Foods To Get A Serotonin Boost

    Although trying to boost your serotonin by your diet can’t compete to taking serotonin boosting supplements that you should only take after the approval of your doctor, we will provide you a list of the foods that can boost serotonin and hence mood, however be aware that in order for your body to absorb the serotonin boosting compounds in these foods they should be accompanied with carbohydrates. 1- Eggs. The protein found in eggs contain amino acids called tryptophan which is what serotonin is synthesized from, it is best to have it for dinner to promote a good and deep sleep, however don’t forget to combine your egg with carbohydrates and make sure not to leave the yolk out. 2-…

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  • This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat An Egg a Day

    This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat An Egg a Day

    Eggs are one of the healthiest things you can eat as they provide a range of important mineral and vitamins your body requires, check out what happens to your body when you eat just one egg a day . – Prevent Breast Cancer and Heart Diseases. A study conducted by the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill confirmed that choline which is a substance found in eggs helps to reduce the risks of breast cancer and heart diseases significantly. – Brain Health. Eggs are rich in choline, one large egg provide 35% of your daily requirements, this important nutrients promotes brain health while keeping cognitive impairment and memory loss at bay. According to a…

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  • Your Body When You Eat Ginger

    What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Ginger More Often

    Ginger is a root that was originally found in China but now it is cultivated all over the world, it is used as a spice in the food and for it’s medicinal properties as well, people for centuries have been fascinated about the health benefits of this plant and to encourage you consume more ginger, check out below what eating ginger everyday can do to your body. – Prevents Cancer. According to recent studies by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, ginger helps in wiping clear the cancer cells in the Ovaries, it was shown to be equally effective as platinum-based chemotherapy that is orescriped to ovarian cancer patients, reports also suggest that, ingesting ginger regularly helps in reducing…

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  • Eat More Of This And You Will Lose Weight Faster.

    Eat More Of This And You Will Lose Weight Faster

    You may be surprised to hear that, in order to lose weight you may need to eat more not less, eat more healthy foods that stimulate the fat burning process while providing your body with its needs of nutrients at the same time, check out the following list of the foods that when you eat more of you lose weight. 1- Chilli. Eating chilli increases body temperature and improves the body’s metabolic rate to more than 50%, not just that, a Japanese study claimed that eating spicy food for breakfast resulted in needing to eat less throughout the day. The secret substance found in peppers that suppresses appetite and increase metabolism is called Capsacin. 2- Salads. Eating a large plate…

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  • Strawberry Is a Super Food

    How Strawberry Is a Super Food From All Aspects

    Fruits are food and medicine, the boost the human Immunity to ward off diseases and fight infections besides remaining in an ideal state. Strawberries in particular contain super nutrients that can help your immune system get strong to keep you protected from several diseases including chronic disease and cancer. Strawberry is a good source of vitamin C which works as an effective antioxidant that neutralize the damage of free radicals in the bloodstream which is considered a root cause for the development of several diseases including all types of cancer. Vitamin C also helps the body to absorb iron which forms a special importance for women and specially pregnant and breastfeeding women. Strawberry is also rich in potassium, manganese and…

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  • Pumpkin is Good For Your Heart, Fertility, Eye Health and More

    Pumpkin is Good For Your Heart, Fertility, Eye Health and More.

    Eating fruits and vegetables of all types is just good for your health, most types of fruits and vegetables have been associated with a significant reduction rate of life-style relation health issues. Several studies proved that eating plenty of plant foods like pumpkin decreases the risk of obesity, cancer, heart diseases, asthma and vision problems. Eating pumpkins also helps in improving your connection, increase your energy levels, reduce bad cholesterol levels, aids in weight loss, protects against inflammatory diseases, delay aging and aid in digestion. Here’s a list of the potential health benefits of pumpkin. 1- Protects The Heart Health. The potassium, vitamin C and fiber content in pumpkin makes it perfect for your heart health. Potassium helps to reduce…

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  • Over 75% Of the Chicken Meat Sold In The US Contains Cancer Causing Arsenic

    Over 75% Of the Chicken Meat Sold In The US Contains Cancer Causing Arsenic

    I don’t know about you guys but lately Every time I go shopping I stop and wonder In the poultry meat sections, sometimes I buy chicken as a change and most of the times I don’t want to buy it, lately as I bite into my homemade chicken nuggets or even any regular baked chicken I feel the chicken taste weird and unusual, I feel like I’m biting into this string tasteless meat no matter how long I marinate it for. A few days ago I read on the news headlines that most of the chicken meat sold in the USA contain arsenic over ,75% of the chicken sold in your regular grocery shop contain a cancer causing substance. It…

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  • White Rice Is Actually Healthier Than Brown Rice

    Shocking News, White Rice Is Actually Healthier Than Brown Rice

    We somehow immediately assume of “white” whenever we hear it as an unhealthy refined option of food that is striped out of its natural goodness. In most cases this concept is correct and most of the white unhealthy foods have another brown healthy option such as in the case of white flour and whole flour, white sugar and brown sugar, etc, however this is not exactly the case in all foods as rice stands as an exception. Most of us believe that white rice is a less healthy option than brown rice and that white rice can spike blood sugar levels as in the case of other refined grains like white bread that has a high glycemic index. However in…

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  • How To Make Children's Favorite Pizza Crust From Cauliflower

    How To Make Children’s Favorite Pizza Crust From Cauliflower

    Cauliflower is rich with super nutrients all of us need, however the traditional ways it is cooked makes it unappealing specially for children, if you want to present cauliflower in an interesting way for your children then try this cauliflower pizza crust, they will feel no difference between it and the other regular pizza crust. You can also enjoy your pizza and satisfy your Italian cravings if you are on a diet or gluten intolerant with this delicious, easy and nutritious pizza crust. You can add your favorite toppings and sauce everything will work just fine with the flavor of cauliflower. – The Ingredients You Will Need. One large head of cauliflower chopped roughly. One cup of parmesan cheese. Salt…

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  • foods for curbing the appetite and losing weight

    Top 5 foods for curbing the appetite and losing weight

    There is a simple but fundamental difference between hunger and appetite. The first is a physical need to eat, and the second is a sense of wanting to eat. In the majority of cases, appetite does not come as a result of the feeling of hunger, but because of the secretion of the appetite hormone ghrelin, which may be easily stimulated by only thinking about delicious foods or what we call sometimes comfort foods. Thus, we advise you to have these foods to decrease your appetite. *Apples: Pectin found in apples contributes to preventing the rising of blood sugar and as a result the desire for eating will be decreased. Their effect lasts in the body between one and two…

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  • Worst Breakfast Foods

    Worst Breakfast Foods To Start Your Day With

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what you put on your plate for breakfast is equally important, what you choose to eat for breakfast can either help you lose weight, boost your physical performance during the day, boost your energy levels, increase your mental concentration and give you an overall health or not so you better make good choices when it comes to planning your breakfast meals. Here’s a list of the worst foods you can start your day with to avoid. 1- Sugary Cereals. Healthy cereals are considered an optimal breakfast food, however sugar ones are loaded with sugar, artificial flavor and colors which makes them unhealthy for you, the extra amount of sugar the…

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  • How To Make Frozen Shrimps Taste Even Better Than Fresh One

    How To Make Frozen Shrimps Taste Even Better Than Fresh One

    You know those small pre-peeled frozen shrimps found in the frozen section in the store? There is probably a bag of them in the back of your freezer right now you don’t know what to do with it. They are actually very helpful and convenient, they fit in almost all types of recipes, however not knowing the correct method to cook them can make them taste like little sponges that chew like rubbers, lacking the fresh flavor of fresh shrimps, when you cook with them they turn your sauce into a very thin mess up that is too watery. Well if that sound like you, you want to cook more often with shrimps and you are lacking time to buy…

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  • Risks Of Eating Smoked Meats

    The Risks Of Eating Smoked Meats

    Smoked meats include some types of sausage, ham, bacon and some types of jerky, even though smoked meats can be really delicious, they can cause several health conditions including cancer, gastrointestinal infections, heart diseases and diabetes, if you have a family history of these types of diseases then you should be extra cautious with portion of smoked meats you add to your plate and avoid eating them regularly. – High Risks Of Cancer. Researchers found that people who eat large amounts of smoked meats regularly are at a higher risk of developing pancreatic , prostate, rectal and colon cancer, The National Cancer Institute notes that the increased risk of cancer from eating smoked meats can be associated with heterocyclic amines…

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  • Mistake You Probably Are Doing While Cooking Scrambled Egg

    The Mistake You Probably Are Doing While Cooking Scrambled Egg

    Scrambled egg is an easy quick breakfast time saver that can be done in seconds, all the ingredients needed are usually at hand, children love it and it is a great source of protein for a good kick start for the day, however not because it is easy to make it doesn’t require some technique, in fact there is q huge difference between a soft fluffy pile of scrambled egg and a pile of rubbery over cooked curds. If yours sound more like the later then you probably are doing the one mistake many women do when cooking scrambled egg, cooking it on a very high heat and starting to scramble too early. Although it is kind of tempting to…

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