• Richest in Nutrients Foods

    The Top Six Richest in Nutrients Foods

    What is it that people say often about food? You are what you eat? Many studies have proved that saying to be extremely true, especially in terms of being healthy or not. So, what exactly are the types of food that are richest in nutrients? 1- Nori or what is more commonly known as seaweed is one of foods that are so rich in nutrient that it is even richer than most vegetables of the land. It is rich with many nutrients and minerals and is especially high in iodine needed for your thyroid gland. 2- Shellfish is another sea blessing rich in nutrients. It contains Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, Potassium, Selenium and Iron. B vitamins especially are found in shellfish…

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  • Food That Can Give You Unpleasant Smell

    The Types of Food That Can Give You Unpleasant Smell

    People avoid eating certain types of food for many reasons. One of which is that they might cause allergic reaction. Another is that they might cause weight gain or are simply unhealthy. And it is not uncommon to avoid certain foods because of the way they make you smell. Such as: 1- So, we already know that garlic is good for keeping vampires away, but I believe that garlic is very effective at keeping anyone away. The stench you immediately smell is due to allicin. Moreover, allicin breaks down in the stomach after few hours, giving off volatile compounds that come out through your breath later. 2- Onions are good for your cholesterol levels and heart health. They even prevent…

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  • Food That Can Naturally Sooth Headaches

    Types of Food That Can Naturally Sooth Headaches

    Having a headache is one of the worst things that can face you any day. When you are unlucky enough to have a headache, your ability to do anything diminishes significantly. Relying on painkillers is not always an option. Therefore, it is important to look for natural methods for soothing headaches, such as: 1- Caffeine, which is concentrated in certain beverages such as coffee and tea, is a great natural cure for headaches. This is why many painkillers contain caffeine. Moreover it helps your system absorb the effective components in the pain killers better, so it is always good to take a cup of coffee or tea with pain killers to cure headaches quickly. 2- Sometimes headaches happen because of…

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  • Food That Make Your Skin Deteriorate Faster

    Types of Food That Make Your Skin Deteriorate Faster

    How did that well known saying go? You are what you eat? Yes, what you eat actually contributes a lot to how you look and behave. And how you look is largely dependant on how your skin looks. So what are the foods you should avoid because they make your skin deteriorate and wrinkle more quickly? 1- Do not take everything with a grain of salt, at least not your food. Salt makes your skin swollen, damages your tissues and dehydrates your body. Besides making the food taste better, there aren’t many benefits of using salt in your food and it kills the nutrients in it. So avoid salty and pickled foods and only add it after cooking. 2- Frying…

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  • Food That Strengthens Your Bones and Cleans Your Arteries

    5 Types of Food That Strengthens Your Bones and Cleans Your Arteries

    Did you know that osteoporosis depends a lot on the health of your cardiovascular system? We do not find doctors speaking often about the link between these two although it is somewhat an obvious relation. If you have a healthy cardiovascular system and unclogged healthy arteries, then blood will flow more freely, thus delivering more nutrients to your cells, including your bone cells. So we need to consume more of the foods that strengthen our bones and clean our arteries. 1- Salmon is not just a healthy low calorie food. It is full of nutrients that are both good for your bone and heart health. It is rich in vitamin D needed for binding calcium to your bones. It is…

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  • Kitchen Hacks Your Family Will Enjoy

    5 Wonderful Kitchen Hacks Your Family Will Enjoy

    I am one of those people who always look for neat hacks to do everything in life. I guess hacks are great for saving time, effort and money, but this is not why I look for them. Hacks are also fun to try and learn, and they make you feel more like an expert at what you are doing. So, without further ado, here are some of most favorite kitchen hacks. 1- Boiling eggs is the first thing anyone would try to learn when learning cooking. But making golden boiled eggs is a trick only few know of. Before boiling an egg, shake it well to make the white and the yolk mix inside. You will have a wonderful golden…

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    Good breakfast can help you maintain a healthy weight, give you strength and help you concentrate. It is quite right that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only is it linked to many health benefits, including improved performance and weight control, but also breakfast gives you energy to start a new day. According to studies, eating a healthy breakfast can give you improved concentration in the classroom or the boardroom and more strength to engage in physical activity as well as lower cholesterol levels. Breakfast is important for every one, but particularly for children and adolescents. It has been shown that children who eat breakfast have better concentration, eye- hand coordination and perform better in the…

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    Frying food makes it tasty and delicious, that is why people love deep fried food, but deep frying is not the healthiest way for cooking. You may wonder if using a healthier oil, like olive oil, for deep frying can make fried foods good for you. Actually, if you want to increase the amount of beneficial olive oil in your diet, frying is not the way. Saturated fats contribute to clogged arteries and high cholesterol, while monounsaturated fats such as avocados and olive oil, and polyunsaturated fats such as canola and corn oil can help lower cholesterol and they do not clog arteries. Olive oil is the healthier substitute for butter, and it is consumed more by people in countries…

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    During a typical holiday get- together, people tend to consume a lot of calories and fat, but this overindulgence does not only take its toll on the waistline, but it also could wreak havoc on the brain. A study suggests that synapses (connections that aid communication between neurons or brain cells) in the brain could be destroyed by a high- fat diet, which may impair memory and learning. But luckily, the brain- damaging effects of a high- fat diet can be counteracted by switching to a low- fat diet for 2 months. Obesity has become a major health concern and high fat diets are a main contributor; obese people are at greater risk of type 2 diabetes, some types of…

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  • Breast Cancer And How To Prevent It By Food

    Breast Cancer And How To Prevent It By Food

    Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and also the deadliest, the World Health Organization estimated that by 2020 the cases of breast cancer will be so much higher and that one of every eight woman can be at risk of developing breast cancer. Many factors contribute to breast cancer such as genetics, diet and lifestyle however the real cause for breast cancer is not determined yet. There are many ways you can reduce your risk of breast cancer and they are mainly focused on applying a few changes to your lifestyle. Eating healthy foods, staying physically active, avoiding alcohol and smoking, maintaining ideal body weight and getting pregnant, making babies and breastfeeding them are all factors that…

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  • Morning Brightening Spinach Omlette Breakfast Recipe

    Morning Brightening Spinach Omlette Breakfast Recipe

    If you are following a low carb diet or just wanting a power boosting start for the day for you and your children, this is the best breakfast you can have, the protein, iron and vitamins will shoot up your energy all day and will fill you up, it can also be an interesting way to present spinach to your children. Baby spinach, eggs, Parmesan cheese are all complementing each other in a healthy and quick breakfast spinach omelettes, let us find out what Ingredients you need. – Ingredients. .Two beaten eggs. . one cup sliced baby spinach. .two tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese. .quarter a teaspoon garlic powder. .quarter a teaspoon ground nutmeg. . Salt and pepper as you need.…

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  • Tips to Help You Commit To A Low Carbohydrates Diet

    Tips to Help You Commit To A Low Carbohydrates Diet

    Starting and committing to to a low carb diet is very challenging however it is always rewarding and fast to yield results. If you made up your mind and ready to dive in this venture then the following tips could be of help if you follow them and you may not find difficulties having a low carb diet. 1- Clear Out Your Cupboard And Refrigerator From Unallowed Foods. To start, you have to limit any temptation so go through your cupboards and refrigerator to get rid of any foods that contain carbohydrates, sugars, transfers or also known as hydrogenated oils or anything that could mess up your diet, remove all those times and replace them with foods that are low…

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  • Lunch Drowsiness At Work

    What To Do When You Get Post Lunch Drowsiness At Work

    It is common that after eating lunch at all o even at ho!E to tag feeling a little drowsy, while it is best to take a short power nap for twenty to thirty minute to recharge our energies, it is not always possible specially if you are at work, therefore it is important to learn how to sustain our afternoon energy. It mainly depend on the food you eat and the physical activities you do, if you have a sedentary job try to take a walk or go up and down the stairs a few times after lunch to avoid the afternoon slump, also make sure to eat a light healthy lunch and get adequate sleeps during the nights. The…

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  • Tips To Avoid Food Waste

    Four Tips To Avoid Food Waste

    There are those people that find the grocery shopping everything they breathe for and those who would wish to spend that hour they go grocery shopping for anywhere else. Food is essential for a good health we know but not knowing the essential tips of shopping could end you up wasting foods that you paid money for. A study from the USDA in 2010 found that 31% (133 billion pound) of our available food supple went uneaten, so to protect our resources and avoid wasting food keep the following tips in mind while going shopping for grocery the next time. 1- Plan Out Your Meals. Go grocery shopping one day every weak and plan what you will eat for the…

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  • Foods That Should Be Avoided When You Have Stomach Aches

    Foods That Should Be Avoided When You Have Stomach Aches

    We all get some tummy aches from time to time, children are more susceptible to stomach aches than adults eating the wrong foods can aggravate the pain, find out below why foods or drinks to avoid completely while having stomach aches. 1- Sodas. Sodas contain sodium carbonate and citric acid and benzoate, which are chemicals that aggravate stomach disorders, even if it helped you burping. 2- Chocolate and Caffiene. Chocolate cause some sort of relaxation of the esophageal muscle, such as mint, causing increased acidity levels. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which irritates the stomach, and the chocolates contain milk products. 3- Fatty Foods. Fatty foods Activates certain chemical receptors in the stomach which increases the bloating sensation and the production…

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  • Non-melting Chocolate Bar That Lasts In Even 40° Weather

    Non-melting Chocolate Bar That Lasts In Even 40° Weather

    I don’t think there is any woman around the world that doesn’t adore chocolate, we carry chocolate everywhere we go, to work, to school or even to the gym, chocolate is an essential part of my hand bag, but unfortunately it becomes difficult to do that during the summer, the heat cause the chocolate to melt and becomes messy and gooey. Barry Callebaut a Swiss chocolate manufacturer and one of the largest players in the chocolate wholesale industry found a special formula for non-melting chocolate that can still be solid even in 40 degrees weather. This new formula will put an end to our fun licking the sweet brown rich liquid leaking on our hands and mouths when our bar…

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  • Crunchy Oats Coated Apples For Kids

    Crunchy Oats Coated Apples For Kids

    If you children love sweet foods and you don’t have enough time to bake cakes then try this easy, quick recipe, I’m sure your kids will love it just like my kids love it, not to mention how healthy it is. Read on to learn how to prepare the delicious crunchy oat coated apples. – The Ingredients You Will Need Are. 2 tablespoons of oat. 2 tablespoons flour. 2 tablespoons brown sugar. A tablespoon of melted butter. Little cinnamon powder. Direction:- – Wash the Apple properly first then cut it into slices (It is recommended to use green apple but any type of Apple can still work). – Add all the ingredients (flour, oats, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon) in…

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  • Most Common And Believed Myths Regarding Food.

    Most Common And Believed Myths Regarding Food

    Since childhood we have been hearing popular food myths that are promoted by TV and media until we started to believe some of them without questioning . But because we care about your health we brought you this article to reveal those myths and correct your understanding so read on. 1- Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day. Most of us believe that this statement is true but it actually is false, after doing several studies the opposite was proven, when you skip breakfast you are doing something called intermittent fasting which was proven to be very healthy as it helps to increase the life span, improve the function of heart, brain and blood vessels while improving the…

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  • Sources Of Antioxidants

    Best Sources Of Antioxidants

    Are you always exhausted and drowsy? Do you know that one of the major causes of low energy levels is lack of consumption of antioxidants? The following we brought you the richest foods with antioxidants so you reverse this situation as fast as possible and enjoy high energy levels. 1- Lemon. Lemon is a Citrus fruit and it contain vitamin C in excess which is considered a powerful antioxidant agent. 2- Strawberry. Strawberry is another rich source of vitamin C that work as an antioxidant. 3- Nuts. Nuts are rich with vitamin E which provide the antioxidants in the body and unlike vitamin C which is a water soluble, vitamin E can be stored in the liver fats in the…

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  • Dishes Children Love and How to Make Them Healthier

    Top 5 Dishes Children Love and How to Make Them Healthier

    First of all, you might say, “why would I want to know what children love to eat” I just want them to eat healthy!” The answer would be that children are not easily convinced by claiming things are healthy or unhealthy. To convince a child to eat something, you have to appeal to his taste buds. Therefore, you need to know what dishes your kids love, and how to make them healthier. 1- Burgers are made of ground meat that is usually combined with unhealthy additives and lots of sodium and processed components. You can make burger healthier by making it yourself at home. Add Bulgur, oatmeal or bread crumbs and combine it with vegetables and turn them into a…

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