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Food you should avoid to get a flat stomach

The types of foods that you eat affect your middle part, AKA waistline. It’s advisable to stop eating foods that contain high calories and lose some weight as a result.

Some foods also cause water retention and bloating. So, you will need to cut back on these foods. Also, you need to do some exercises to get a flat stomach. Here are examples of the foods that you should omit of your diet.

-Fried foods.
You should avoid fried and greasy foods in order to get a flat stomach. This kind of food cannot be digested easily and makes you feel bloated. It’s better if you eat healthy fatty acids which can be found in some products like avocado or olive oil.

-Candy and soda.
It’s better to replace soda for water and candy for fruit. If you do that you will began to burn some fats from your stomach rapidly. Although you think that diet soda will not make you gain weight, but it has been proven that it makes you eat more sweet foods.

-Chewing gum
It may come as a shocking fact to you that chewing gum makes the stomach look bigger. The reason is that while chewing gum you swallow a lot of air and therefore your stomach will be bloated.

-Fruit juice.
Try to decrease your consumption of packaged fruit juice as it contains a lot of calories. You may only drink one glass of fruit juice a day if you want to get flat stomach.

-Dairy products.
Dairy products contain a lot of calories and also they contain fats that are responsible for increasing your cholesterol levels. Of course, dairy products are important for giving you calcium, but it’s better to minimize them in your diet.

Food you should avoid to get a flat stomach

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