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Get A Flat Stomach With This Fruit Salad ASAP

From summer holidays, cookouts, friends gathering and seasonal fruit drinks, you may be feeling quit puffy by now, but the good news is that, you can completely fight that annoying bloating sensation with this super fruit salad that is all made up of ingredients that were proven to de-bloat your tummy and give you that marvelous flat stomach again, you can nosh on this lovely treat as a light after dinner desert or make it your breakfast after a heavy dinner, enjoy it the way and time you please but know that, this fruit salad will get you looking as sexy and attractive as you wish in no time.

The Ingredients.

1- Papaya:Papaya contain chemical compounds called papain which help to improve digestion and break down foods and specially protein, when your digestive system is working as it should you should experience less bloating, gas and constipation, Papaya is also diuretic which will help you to get rid of excess fluids in your body as well.

2- Pinapple:- pinapple contain an enzyme called bromelain which helps to accelerate the breaking down process of hard to digest proteins that are mainly found in red meat, this will reduce gas and in result get you rid of that bloating sensation.

3- Bananas:- Some if us may avoid bananas due to its high content of sugar and carbs, but you should not really worry about bananas, in moderation, bananas can help de-bloat you and flush out any excess fluids from your body due to its content of potasium, this will specially be beneficial if you eat foods high in sodium which makes your body hold on water.

4- Cantaloupe:- Cantaloupe too is rich in potasium and water content, both potasium and water will help get rid of excess water stored in your body.

5- Avocados:- Avocados are rich in Healthy fats that should present in this salad so your body can absorb the vitamins and minerals in the other fruits, the healthy fats are also known to help burn stubborn belly fat.

All you need to do is mix all the above fruits in any quantities you wish and enjoy it, you can make addressing of lemon juice and honey if you want.

A Flat Stomach With This Fruit Salad ASAP

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