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Five Reasons Why White Bread Is Harmful For Your Health

Although white bread looks so fresh and eats so tasty, there are many reasons why you should think twice before you buy and eat white bread, most of us are unaware of the harmful sides of white bread and we just eat it for the fun and the taste of it, but once you finish going through this article I’m sure you will try to quit eating white bread all together.

– It Contain Too Much Salt.

White bread contain too much salt to the extend that just having a few slices a day can exceed your daily permitted amount of salt intake, high levels of sodium which is found in salt lead to high blood pressure and several other diseases.

– It Contain Too Many Chemicals.

The bleaching process of the flour used to make white bread require too many manmade chemicals that become harmful for the human body after time of consumption, the chemicals that are used to bleach the flour include chlorine dioxide gas , potassium bromate and benzoyl peroxide, all these chemicals are foreign to your body system and they form a burden for your body to process.

– It Has High Glycemic Index.

Foods with high glycemic index such as white bread cause a drastic spike in the blood sugar, the thing that cause your body to produce more insulin, insulin is a hormone produced by the body to regulate its metabolism, high levels of insulin than needed cause the metabolic rate to drop and as result cause the body to store fat and don’t burn it.

– It Raises The Bad Cholesterol Level In The Bloodstream.

Another reason why you should start thinking to stop eating white bread is that it increases the level of LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream which is the harmful or bad cholesterol that increase your risks of high blood pressure, blood clots, thickness of the arteries, heart attacks and other cardio vascular diseases.

– It Cause Indigestion And Obesity.

Because white bread affect the body’s metabolism and because it is high in calories it cause the body to accumulate fat and put on weight, it also cause indigestion and colon problems due to the lake of dietary fibers contained in white bread.

The healthy alternative of white bread is for sure brown bread, as it contain many seeds and grains that contain fibers, natural oils, vitamins and minerals that benefit the body instead of harming the body like what white bread do, however you should be cautious while buying brown bread to the ingredients, because often by putting food colors and dyes to the bread it pass as brown bread, also try to buy the brown bread that is prepared without chemicals involved because not all brown bread is prepared without the usage of chemicals.

 Bread Is Harmful For Your Health

Five Reasons Why White Bread Is Harmful For Your Health

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