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Five Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety

If you don’t know how to control your anxiety, we will present to you five all natural ways to have it under control so you can enjoy your life. It is very normal for all of us to get anxiety every once in a while, specially when you are expecting an important event in your life or stressed by something particular, however living your days suffering from nervousness, fast heart beats, sweating, butterflies and nausea is definitely not a way to live your life, here is some effective, simple and natural ways to get your anxiety under control.

1- Breath.

You may be asking yourself why are you still feeling nervous and tense if all it takes to get rid of these feelings is breathing, well it is not quit as simple, just breathing in and out won’t help you so much, there is a technique you should follow in order to calm down your tension and anxiety. In order to do you need to take a slow breath through your nose while counting to four, hold the breath in you while counting to four and then release it slowly through your mouth while counting to four, this technique will slow down your heart rate and in result reducing your anxiety and nervousness.

2- Imagine The Worst.

Although we all are supposed to always think positive, sometimes imagining the worst that can happen in any situation will allow us to think about some effective solutions to deal with it, plus you somehow will be prepared to it, you will lose your fear and be positive in terms of thinking about solutions, and if the worst don’t happen you will be grateful that things are better than your expectations.

3- Let It Out.

If you are the type of person who always keep your feelings whether they are happy or stressful inside of you, then you are most likely to suffer from anxiety, talking to someone you trust about everything that maybe upsetting you can take off a lot of burden of your chest, you are sure to feel much better just by talking about your problems and feel that there is someone who cares to listen and help. For you to be able to replace your negative feelings with happy and positive ones, you need to let them out.

4- Keep Your Faith Strong.

When you see things are really going to an undesired direction and you can not control your anxiety anymore, it will be very helpful to keep your faith strong, when you start feeling helpless there is nothing better than giving your problems to a higher power that you trust will get things working no matter how bad they are at the moment.

5- Take Care Of Yourself.

Most women have a desire that is always awake to help and serve others, while is is a great thing in motherhood, if you are trying to always add new tasks to your to do list that seems to be always growing, you have no time to accomplish everything that’s in there then you are very likely to suffer from anxiety.

Dedicate sometime for yourself, think about your priorities, what is important to be done and what can wait, that will take some pressure off of you and give you a chance to relax your mind and your body, after all don’t forget that you deserve a break.
Go get a relaxing massage session or join an exercising class as exercising was proven to effectively reduce stress and anxiety. Anyway you like try to have some time only for yourself to enjoy something that love without any guilt.

  Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Five Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety

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