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Five Natural Makeup Removals From Your Kitchen

While makeup can enhance your natural beauty and cover any flaws in your skin, it can also be quit damaging for your skin specially if you sleep with it on, it is a role of thumb to remove any makeup properly before going to bed, sleeping with make up on can clog up your pores causing acnes to breakout, although synthetic makeup removers are very effective and can leave your skin clean but you should know that there are many natural options to remove makeup effectively without any side effects.
Below five of the most effective makeup removal natural ingredients you can find right in your kitchen so continue reading.

1- Cucumber.

Cucumber is a great moisturizing agent and it can also softly exfoliate and clean your skin off of any make up while nourishing and softening it at the same time, you can use cucumber juice to wash your face with or make a paste out of two medium size cucumbers in your blender and remove your makeup with, you will not need any synthetic makeup removals after you try cucumber.

2- Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is very rich with saturated fats which makes it a perfect moisturizer for dry skin, it is also very capable in loosening up makeup and removing it effectively specially from the eyes, all you need to do is rub some coconut oil on your eyes and face, keep on massaging for two minutes then wipe off with a tissue then wash your face with warm water and a mild face cleanser, you can use coconut oil to moisturize your skin after you finish removing your makeup.

3- Almond Milk.

You can make your own almond milk at your home by adding some blanched almonds in your food processor until it becomes frothy like milk, once your almond milk is ready, dip a cotton ball in there and massage your face with it in a circular motion until your face becomes makeup free then wash off your face with warm water and moisturize. Almond milk is rich with enzymes that helps to loosen up the makeup, dirt and oil build ups throughout the day.

4- Olive Oil.

Here is another benefit of olive oil, it can work as an effective makeup removal and skin moisturizer, it is better than the synthetic makeup removal because it is natural and not as harsh on your skin, you can use it by dipping a cotton ball in some olive oil and rubbing your whole face with in a circular motion, change the cotton when needed.

5- Soy Milk And Banana.

Soy milk a companied with banana make a perfect mixture to remove makeup and make your skin radiant and glowing, to prepare the mixture, you need to mash up a banana and slowly add some soy milk until the mixture is consistent, after you do that, spread the mixture on your whole face, leave it for ten minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Try the above tips and maybe you will never need to buy makeup removals anymore, you will also notice your skin softening and shinning like a baby skin.

Natural Makeup Removals From Your Kitchen

Five Natural Makeup Removals From Your Kitchen

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