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Five Easy And Quick Tips To Have The Most Productive Day Ever

If you are tired of feeling that you are not productive enough, you can’t get nothing done, or you always have nice plans in your head but they never get any further then this article is sure brought to you. We all sometime have lake of energy, lake of motivation and laziness to accomplish what needs to be done, but if you break this barrier in your head and start working step by step you will have the most productive day ever, below we have listed to you some easy and quick tips that could help you do so, we hope you find it helpful.

1- Prepare For The Next Day.

Your productive day should start the night before not when the alarm clock goes off, the night time is your time to relax we agree, but accomplishing some tasks that could save you a lot of time and stress the next morning will help you be more productive, for example, prepare next day’s lunch and breakfast and put out your cloth so in the morning all you need to do is jump in the shower and get ready in no time.

2- Get Your Heart Rate Higher.

It was proven that increasing the heart rate contribute in boosting the motivation and in result the productivity, so even a fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise in the morning will help you wake up properly and set your mind ready for the challenges of the day. Don’t forget to have a healthy breakfast after you finish your exercise to fuel your body for the day.

3- Make A To Do List.

When your day is super busy, it can be quit difficult to organize your thoughts and remember exactly what you need to do at which time, that is why making a to do list every day is something very convenient. Ideally opt to have a small diary where you can write down where you need to go, or what you need to do and when, another ideal alternative is a smart phone application that will notify you with each thing you need to do at the correct time so you never miss an appointment or forget to do something. Make sure to organize your thoughts in the right order that will save you time and effort. Making a to do list is a wonderful way to keep your motivation high, as you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment every time you check done in front of any task, it will also help you to clear your mind and plan for the day correctly.

4- Don’t Multitask And Prioritize .

Some people may think that multitasking helps to accomplish more than one job at the same time but that was proven by science to be wrong. Neither women nor men can multitask, what you are doing when you think your are multitasking is switching your mind between different tasks which will make your mind exhausted and unable to concentrate and you will end up taking more time and effort with a higher chance of failure in all the tasks you are trying to accomplish. Instead clear your mind and work on only one thing at a time, set your priorities and focus for them first.

5- Take Breaks.

While this may sound like “not so productive” for a lot but as a matter of fact, pushing yourself too much without any break to clear your mind and relax your body will get you overworked and exhausted which makes it even harder to remain productive throughout the day.
Taking a short break every now and then will help filling you up with energy and motivation to complete whatever else you need to do in the day, enjoy a cup of coffee or a bite of tasty food or even opt to take ten minutes of meditation in the middle of the day, all that will help you relax, prevent any stress and put your mind in an positive state.

Also every time to accomplish a task look back at it and celebrate with yourself your productivity, give yourself a treat and feel good about yourself. Think positive and your day will be positive but above all appreciate yourself and your effort.

So here is our most useful tips to be productive, following the above tips for a few days will make it become a habit and you will notice that you are only becoming more and more productive, One last tip that will sure help increasing your productivity but a lot of us maybe unable to do is taking a nap in the midday, even a 20 minutes nap will work wonders on your energy and productivity level.
We hope you found the above tips helpful, we will be more than happy if you share your thoughts with us below in the comment section. Have a good day.

Tips To Have The Most Productive Day Ever

Five Easy And Quick Tips To Have The Most Productive Day Ever

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