4 Common Fitness Misconceptions You Must Correct

No matter how you exhaust yourself with exercise, following fitness misconceptions will give you undesirable results. Therefore, it is time to stop working hard and start working smart towards the fitness you dream you have. Check out the following common myths that many of us follow on our path to a fit body so you can avoid applying them.

4. Believing that workout cancels the extra calories you consume

Workout plays just about 30% of what you should do to lose weight and become fit. You cannot rely on exercise to eliminate all the extra calories you consume. If you follow a workout session by some desserts or junk food, you restore the calories you lost or even consume more calories and get a clashing result.

3. You need to stretch before exercising to avoid injury

Studies show that stretching pre-workout is not helpful in preventing injury. In fact, when you stretch before exercising, you probably make muscles less ready for tough activity. Nonetheless, stretching after exercise is important to decrease muscle injury.

2. Sweating a lot is a sign of good exercise

We sweat while we workout to cool down our bodies. The efficiency of exercise is not measured by sweat but it measured by the amount of effort our muscles put out, and the rise of our heart and breathing rates. Individuals who are more fit tend to sweat less as their bodies are more efficient.

1. Squats hurt your knees

You might have heard the advice about squats that tells you not to push your knees past your toes in order not to hurt your knees. This misconception is proved wrong as we simply bend our knees beyond our toes every time we use the stairs. The trick about getting the best results from squats is to do them right whether our knees get ahead of our toes or not.
Common Fitness Misconceptions You Must Correct

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