Find Out The Dangers Of Eating Grapefruits

Although grapefruit can be a very healthy choice for many people as it is rich in vitamin C and fiber along with other important nutrients, it can be a danger factor for others specially those who are consuming certain types of drugs, check with your doctor if eating Grapefruits is good for your health or not, but for now read why Grapefruits may be bad for your health below.

1- Inadequate Diet.

Those who eat Grapefruits regularly aiming to lose weight are not making a correct choice, according to the American Dietetic Association there is no particular food or food group diet can melt fat away healthfully, and those who are following the grapefruit diet to lose weight are lacking many important nutrients.

2- Conflicts With Some Medications.

Grapefruit juice and whole Grapefruits can interfere with the absorption of certain medications, therefore it is important to not consume the fruit with or soon after taking medications.

3- May Increase Your Risk Of Breast Cancer.

Eating whole grapefruit daily or drinking grapefruit juice daily can increase your risk of developing breast cancer by 30%, a study was made by the British Journal Of Cancer found that 46.000 postmenopausal women who ate half a grapefruit every other day were 30% at a higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who ate none.

4- Irritation And Acid Reflux.

The strong Acid found in Grapefruits as well as other citrus fruits can cause irritation to the mouth and throat, it can also cause Acid reflux if eaten before laying down or exercising.
The Dangers Of Eating Grapefruits

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