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Find out how to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is one of the genetic problems that afflict humans and may –in rare cases – afflict animals. It is a very common disease nowadays and there are many causes for it. In some cases, you may not have any way to avoid diabetes. But, in some other cases, you can protect yourself from having this disease by following a particular lifestyle.

So, in cases you feel that the percentage of your getting diabetes is high, we recommend you to rely on these following ways in order to reduce this percentage:

*Maintain your weight: The extra weight, especially in the abdomen area, is one of the main reasons that can lead to an increase of the hormone insulin in the body, which leads to causing diabetes type 2. Therefore, make sure not to gain weight excessively and keep a close watch on your weight throughout your life time.

*Exercise: Doing exercises is very important for your health and your body. It can help you avoid many diseases as well as keeping your body fit and healthy. Also, exercises can reduce the level of sugar in the blood and improves the blood pressure and cholesterol.

*Healthy diet: You should pay attention to the quality of the foods that you eat. Do not eat foods that contain a high proportion of fat. Also, stay away from processed and sugary foods. Moreover, you should make sure to add fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber to your diet. Also, try to cut down the amount of salt in your food.

*Blood pressure control: Controlling your blood pressure is very important to avoid many health problems and diseases like diabetes. You can control blood pressure in your body through a healthy diet and exercise routine.

how to prevent diabetes

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