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Fight heartburn by these foods

Heartburn is a condition that occurs when the body produces some acids which rise to the esophagus causing heartburn in the chest area. It may turn most often to become pain accompanied with feeling bloated after eating any meal as well as feeling bitter taste in the mouth. To avoid exposure to heartburn, try to eat these foods.

1) Ginger: Ginger if consumed in moderate way is considered one of the best foods for fighting esophageal reflux, thanks to the anti-inflammatory components which help to treat intestine disorders.

2) Bananas: Bananas are effective for treating heartburn and helping you avoid it because they do not contain large amounts of acids unlike most fruits.

3) Oatmeal: Eating oatmeal is the perfect way to start your day as it contains large amounts of fiber which makes you full for long time. Also, it helps to alleviate acids in the gut and protects you from heartburn.

4) Chicken: It is one of the best foods for fighting heartburn. But, do not eat it fried and it’s preferable to remove the skin before cooking or eating it because it contains large amounts of fat that can worsen heartburn.

5) Fish and seafood: The same, fish and seafood play an important role in the prevention of heartburn. You can have them 3 times a week in any way but not fried because frying make them lose their vitamins and minerals.

6) Parsley: It has been used through the ages as a natural treatment
for digestive system disorders and also it has a role in preventing heartburn and esophageal reflux.

7) Rice: Eat rice in moderation and protect yourself from heartburn. It’s better to eat brown rice because it contains large amounts of fiber that facilitate the process of digestion.

Fight heartburn by these foods

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