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More fiber in your diet can boost your weight loss

This fiber diet is more permissive and filling than the other diets which are mostly restrictive; it gives you the pleasure of eating while improving health and losing weight. Fibrous foods can make you resist eating a lot because they make you feel full; for taking longer time to chew, they give your brain the signal of having enough to eat. The water- rich, high- fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables can make you full with lower calories.

It is discovered that eating fiber- foods, as they are, is more effective than their juice; if you eat an apple before lunch you will eat about 15% less calories than if you drink apple juice. Aside from the fiber content, chewing and crunching the whole fruit is more satisfying and takes longer time than beverages.

A very good habit to lose weight is to eat high- fiber cereals in breakfast; in general those who eat more fiber, cereal and carbs tend to lose weight more than those who do not. Fiber can be “dietary” which is found naturally in foods, and it can be “functional” which is manufactured and added to foods to enhance their fiber content.

Other diets may make you lose more weight than the high- fiber diet but they are more complicated and not suitable for individuals who find difficulty in maintaining restrictive diets. It is noted that increasing fiber is accompanied by a group of other healthy changes that is likely attributed to the fiber foods displacing unhealthy ones.

Diets rich in fiber do not have downsides; on the contrary their health benefits are significant because fibrous foods reduce the risk of diabetes, constipation and heart disease. It is advisable to diversify your fibers because no fiber alone is perfect, and remember to increase your liquids while increasing your fiber.

More fiber in your diet can boost your weight loss
More fiber in your diet can boost your weight loss

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