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Seven Fertility Boosters For Couples

If you are trying to get pregnant sooner rather than later, considering the basic fertility boosters for you and your partner can help make your trials easier, things like weight control, and timing intercourses can help a lot to make you successfully conceive. Check out below the most basic eight ways to boost your fertility and chances of conceiving.

1- For Her, Weight Control.

Women who are underweight or overweight and obese find it more difficult to conceive than those with ideal BMI , in a study researchers observed the BMI of 2,112 pregnant women, women who had a higher BMI than 25-39 before pregnancy considered obese had twofold increased time to conceive than those who had a BMI of 19 or less who took fourfold increased time to conceive.

2- For Him, Avoid Heat And Radiation.

Different studies found a fade link between exposing testicles to high temperature could harm the quality of sperm and may even kill it, staying for long periods of time in hot bath tubes or carrying a laptop on your lap could be seriously affecting your fertility. In another studying, the exposure to cell phone radiation was observed to affect the quality of the sperm collected from participants so being too near to your cell phone all the time or carrying it in your pants pocket could harm the quality of the sperm.

3- For Her, Monitor Your Beverages.

studies showed that consuming too much coffee or too much alcohol can adversely affect woman’s fertility. Consuming five cups of coffee or more per day the equivalent to 500 milligrams of caffeine was linked to poor fertility, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your morning coffee just yet, the same study also proved that moderate consumption of caffeine one or two cups a day had no noticeable harm.
Studies on alcohol consumption and fertility showed different results, in a Swedish study showed that consuming two beverages or more of alcohol per day reduced fertility rate in women by 60% and up. Again moderation is the key moderate consumption of alcohol didn’t show an adverse effect on fertility rates in women. However you will need to stay away from alcohol completely after you get pregnant though as it can cause some serious birth defects.

4- For Couple, Stop Smoking.

Smoking cigarettes was proved to impair both men and women fertility, in women it affects how receptive the uterus is to the fertilized egg and in men it affects the quality and production of sperm and can even damage DNA so both of you are advised to quit smoking for a higher chance of conceiving and lower risks of miscarriage.

5- Take Advantage Of The Fertility Window.

What the doctors call the fertility window is typically the six days that end by the day of ovulation or in another word that five days before ovulation and the ovulation day. Couples often wait untill the ovulation date to make intercourses, however chances of pregnancy are higher if intercourses are increased during the three days before ovulation and the ovulating day.

6- Have Frequent Intercourses.

Delaying love making or as some couples call it, “saving up” is not going to boost the chances of pregnancy, after seven days the sperm count does increase, however mobility and quality decrease. Studies showed that having daily intercourses have the highest pregnancy rates but daily intercourses could be a source of stress for many couples which can negatively affect the chances of conceiving. having intercourses every other day showed near results to daily intercourses.

7- Choose Lubricant Wisely.

One of the most disregarded culprit to late conceiving is spermicidal lubricants, with frequent intercourses, couples tend to consider the usage of lubricants and some couples may be unaware that some lubricants were designed to kill the sperm. So if you are trying to get pregnant make sure to use a water base lubricant without spermicidal.

Fertility Boosters For Couples

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