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These Fatal Fashion Mistake Can Make You an Entertainment for Others

What is the first difference between clowns and normal people do you notice? It is their clothes. And clowns DO depend on their clothes partially to provide entertainment to other. So, what would you do if you find out that your clothes makes you look like a clown who entertains people for living? Men sometimes commit some fashion mistakes that gives others a laugh at their expense, such as:

1- Wearing black shoes while you have white socks on. The only one who is allowed to do that is Michael Jackson, and he’s gone. Socks are cheap and available in presentable colors, so do not ick white ones for your black shoes.

2- Neglecting quality. You might be thinking something like, “it looks the same, it is just 10 bucks cheaper”. Well, quality matters A LOT!. And not only are people good at distinguishing good from bad material, but the material itself will live much longer if it is a good one.

3- Wearing too long ties. Ties shouldn’t reach your belt. Too long ties look like – and sorry for the simile – a dog leash. Same like any other type of clothing, try your ties on before buying them.

4- Wearing too long pants. Tripping and falling is the comedy act clowns are known for most, and buy wearing too long pants you are doing this act for free.

5- Wearing jeans that have abnormally large pockets. Yes I call them abnormal. Why the hell would pockets be this big?

6- Wearing belts and shoes of different colors. For women, it is ok to wear different leather articles in different colors because there are other things to consider, but for me? No! Buy your belts and shoes together and in the same color.

7- Wearing jeans with decorations, embellishments, and glitter. This can pass if you are in Halloween and plan on dressing like a rock star. However, you cannot be in such a getup in usual NORMAL days.

8- Wearing fur. For most people, wearing fur is now abhorred whether you are a man or a woman. Even if the fur is fake, it is enough that you are not against wearing furs. The load of money you waste on fur may be spent on much nicer things.

9- Wearing diapers of underwear. Those tight white shorts have an amazing power…at chasing girls off. Please do not doom yourself to stay your whole life alone just because you chose the wrong type of underwear.

Fatal Fashion Mistake

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