4 Fatal Chemical Substances You Put on Your Skin Daily

In this day and age, skincare and beauty products are as important for women as air, food and water. However, did you know that skincare, hair care, and cosmetics now contain things that are more harmful to your skin than not caring about it? That is because these products (or poo as some organizations call them) are not inspected by the FDA.

So, they contain many seriously harmful chemicals that harm you such as:

1- The substance that gives you that shiny finish in hair products, lip balms and lipsticks is petrolatum. It can do a significant amount of damage on its own (much less combined with other harmful chemicals). It can cause things as difficult to treat as allergy and cancer. Its harmful effect is doubled because it is combined with other dangerous chemicals such as perfumes.

2- It is really strange to find that cosmetics smell flowery or fruity if you think about it. However, you would find the original scent of the materials from which cosmetics are made even stranger. Therefore, synthetic perfumes are added causing various health problems such as asthma and allergy. Manufacturing perfumes also damages life forms on our planet severely.

3- You should also avoid cosmetics that include Chemical preservatives that use formaldehyde as well. Companies add this dangerous substance to cosmetic and skincare products to lengthen their shelf life and avoid the expenses of storing these products in safer less harmful ways. Over time, using such products can lead to cancer.

4- Do you know that the coal tar found in cancer causing cigarettes is found in makeup? Makeup contains dyes made of coal tar such as p-phenylenediamine and CI colors. Their names are written with numbers of five digits such as CI 75000. These chemicals can lead to cancer. They sometimes call them other things “FD&C Blue No. 1” or “Blue 1”

Chemical Substances You Put on Your Skin Daily

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