8 Fashion Items That Affect Your Health Negatively

Sometimes the choices of what you put on when you’re going out, no matter how fashionable it is, can have a huge impact on your health. When you have to choose, always put your health first. Check out our list of top 8 dreadful fashion items:

8. Tight Bras : If you are one of these women who go about wearing a bra that doesn’t fit, you may have to reconsider. Taking that risk results in further complications such as breast pain, difficulty breathing, poor blood circulation and back pain from incorrect posture.

7. Piercing : Piercing is a common place for infection. The area of infection may swell and bleed. Additionally you may acquire allergy and itching from the jewelry you use specially dangling heavy earrings.

6. High Heels :Walking in high heels exposes you to accidents as you go. More importantly, it applies all you body weight on your joints. Problems such as arthritis and back pain are common.

5. Flip-flops : Flip-flops are mostly related to the beach. You may need to set them aside in any other occasion since it’s found to be a potential cause of joint pain, shin splints and more.

4. Control Pants : These slimming underwears, along with the corset, may make you look slimmer but the pressure is dangerous for your heart, digestive system, and breathing.

3. Ties : Ties and tight collars are related to the pain you suffer in your neck, shoulders and back. It also causes headaches and blurry vision. Loosen your tie and check the collar size when you buy a shirt.

2. Handbags : You may not notice, but carrying around heavy handbags full of junk has a serious effect on your back, neck and shoulder.

1. Skinny Jeans : Squeezing yourself in tight skinny jeans causes numbness from nerve compression, a possibility of developing a thrush, and infertility in men.

Fashion Items That Affect Your Health Negatively

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