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5 Fantastic Uses for Castor Oil

I used to laugh when I watch Tom & Jerry cartoons as a kid and laugh when the cat puked after being fed castor oil, and I used to wonder, “Does it really taste that bad?” I found out the answer few years later when I needed to use it as a laxative, and MAN, did it taste bad! However, its bad taste didn’t stop me from buying it because of its wonderful uses that overweight its taste.

1- Castor oil soothes dry scalp and lessens dandruff problems. Those with dry scalp feel that they are running in circles because of their dry scalps that need scratching and then the scratching leads to releasing dandruff in a never ending process. Rub some castor oil on your scalp to reduce irritations and itchiness.

2- Some times the tools you need for making food get squeaky and difficult to use. Since they are food making tools you can’t use usual lubricants that might get to the food and poison you. However, you can use castor oil since it is edible and it will lubricate your veggie scissors and pizza cutters well.

3- Arthritis can be a painful illness, and it is really bothersome how it affects your movement and activities. Castor oil can help you a lot with relieving arthritis pain and it is safer and better to use than chemical laden ointments. Mix castor oil with ginger or turmeric and rub it where you feel the pain of arthritis.

4- Some people are unlucky when it comes to eye circles. Their eye circles are usually puffy and dark. If you happen to be one of those people rub castor oil gently on your eye circles and your eyes will not look puffy and tired as they usually do after you wake up.

5- If you were told to choose one thing in this world to apply on your hair, your answer should be castor oil. It cures a large number of hair problems some of which are thinning hair, dry and tangled hair, split ends and frizz. You can use it for your hair by mixing it with other lighter types of oil like almond oil.

Uses for Castor Oil

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