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5 False Facts People Usually Believe About Alzheimer

Having a relative with Alzheimer can be an extremely tough experience for the rest of his family. Those who are suffering from it, tend to forget many important memories and face many problems in doing the simplest tasks. People fail to discover that their relatives are suffering from Alzheimer until it is too late because they believe some false facts about it, such as:

1- It is natural to confuse Alzheimer symptoms with those of natural aging. NO IT ISN’T. Maybe it is natural to forget where you have put the remote controller or the car keys. However, suddenly forgetting where your workplace is, or that we are at winter is no sign of aging at all.

2- Alzheimer just affects some brain functions, it isn’t fatal. Another saddening false fact. Alzheimer ranks sixth in the causes of death in USA. After discovering, People suffering from Alzheimer usually live for a decade before they die.

3- If you are young there is no chance that Alzheimer symptoms refer to Alzheimer, because Alzheimer only happens to old people. Well, although many of those diagnosed with Alzheimer start suffering from it when they are 65 and after, five of each hundred people suffering from it face its early symptoms when they are 30 to 50. If there is someone in your family diagnosed with Alzheimer and you start suffering from memory loss and disorientation, get yourself checked.

4- There are certain remedies that can stop Alzheimer. NO, there aren’t. Some medicines may only slow or partially cure only few of Alzheimer’s symptoms. However, any effective cure for Alzheimer is yet to be discovered.

5- Silver dental filling, cooking in aluminum pots and some other things can cause Alzheimer. All of these claims have no science-backed evidence.

5 False Facts People Usually Believe About Alzheimer

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