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False beliefs that make you gain weight

Fitness and weight loss is a major concern for many women, making them in a continuous search for all methods, techniques and diet systems to achieve their desired objective.

However, some of the common beliefs about losing weight are not effective for losing weight, but quite the opposite. Discover the most prominent of these beliefs in this article.

(1) As long as you eating healthy foods it doesn’t matter the calories you consume. This belief is not true. There is no doubt that the type of food is very important for losing weight, but also the amount of the food is very important. You should stick to certain quantities and do not exceed the allowed calories for losing weight.

(2) You can lose 5 kilos in two weeks. Yes, it’s true that you can lose this weight in a short time when preventing all kinds of the foods. But, when you go back to eat foods normally you will gain double the weight that you have lost. So, it’s advisable by nutritionists to lose weight gradually to get rid of excess weight completely.

(3) As long as you do exercises you can eat what you want. Of course exercises can help you burn calories and are essential for weight loss, but eating what you want without measuring the quantity and the quality will make you gain weight even if you are exercising.

(4) Eating proteins only will make you lose weight. It is true that diet system that includes protein only makes you lose weight. But, when you resume eating other foods afterwards you will gain all the weight that you have lost. Also, not having other foods like carbohydrates will make your body lacking in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed by the body.

False beliefs that make you gain weight

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