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Facts Nobody Told You About Losing Weight

You thought when you drop those 50 pounds everything in your life will just change to the better over night, you will be better at your job and your love life will be like brand new! All of us thought so, however there are many aspects of your life losing weight wont fix including:-

1- losing Weight Wont Fix All your Problems.

Yes setting a goal and working towards reaching it feels incredible, however losing weight wont open the gate of heaven for you, you shouldn’t be trying to lose weight to fix problems with your spouse, your job or with yourself, you should be aiming to lose weight to live longer, healthier a s be more satisfied with yourself.

A study that was done by the University College London followed 2000 women who were trying to lose weight and found that those who dropped weight were twice as likely to be depressed than the ones who gained weight or stayed the same.

2- Your Relationship Will Change.

Your efforts and success to lose weight may bring you a lot of happiness in your relationship or cause problems, a study done by the health Communication found that women who succeeded to lose excess weight but didn’t get enough support from their partners, their relationships went sour, another frustrating fact about weight loss that could bring problems to your love relationship is the sad fact about skin folds, flabs and stretch marks that get left behind.

3- Your Memory Will Improve.

Just shedding 20 pounds of excess fat showed amazing results for previously obese women in scoring with memory tests, a Swedish study proved a much high brain activity when you lose your excess weight and get in your ideal body weight.

4- You Will Sleep Better.

In a new study done by the journal Sleep, having an ideal body weight helps giving you higher energy levels throughout the day which results in making you exhausted at night so you have easier times falling asleep and enjoying a sound sleep, the study also found that weight loss promoting fiber-rich diet helps in giving more restful sleeps while a diet that is high in fat and sugar result in more tossing and turning in the bed.

Facts Nobody Told You About Losing Weight

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