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5 Shocking Facts You Must Know About Washing Food

Contamination is a major violator of food safety that can make you extremely sick. Eliminating factors of contamination relies not only on how well you wash your food, but also on how you wash it. You might think you know everything about rinsing contaminants off your food, but wait till you read this to judge your knowledge.

5. Soap Shouldn’t Be Used

Getting rid of as much microbes as possible can be done by rinsing fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water. Do this without the use of any kind of soap as they contain chemicals that shouldn’t get into the human body.

4. Pesticides May Stay on Your Food after Washing

Pesticides are surely harmful to consume, but when you wash your produce only negligible amounts of pesticides are left on them. To ensure that only little amounts of pesticides get to you, farmers must wait for a pre-harvest interval that allows the pesticide to break down or wash off.

3. Meat Shouldn’t Be Washed

Cooking meat and poultry is sufficient to kill any disease causing microbes. Washing meat or chicken only increases the chances of splashing water that contains dangerous germs all over the kitchen. Just putting chicken under running water spreads contamination over a distance of three feet.

2. Organic Produce Need Washing

Organic produce is free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers but it may have been exposed to natural fertilizers that contain fecal matter. Hence, washing organic produce is obligatory.

1. Washing Produces Doesn’t Eliminate Pathogens

A good wash would get rid of just 99% of pathogens but cooking food gets rid of 99.9999%. This difference is crucial for those who have a comprised immune system like cancer patients who are treated by chemotherapy. That is why it is recommended that such patients stay away from raw fruits and vegetables and stick to cooked food.

Washing Food
Facts You Must Know About Washing Food

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