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10 Facts you don’t know about your hair

Do you know everything about your hair? Every woman does a lot to take care about her hair. However, there are many things women should bare in mind about hair.

First, hair grows every day. Most of women think that their hair does not grow. This is not true as hair grows at around 0.33 mm daily. They shouldn’t cut their hair for a good period of time to see the result.

Second, it is natural to lose hair daily. All women worry about this. But, they shouldn’t be afraid as it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs daily, and they start to grow back again.

Third, women think that straight hair doesn’t have twists. However, straight hair also has twist but they are less than that of curly hair which has a lot of them.

Fourth, women think that hair is very weak. On the contrary, hair is very strong. A strand of hair can bear 100 grams of weights but the scalp doesn’t bear it.

Fifth, healthy hair can last a very long time. A single hair may live between four and seven days.

Sixth, hair grows more in hot weather not in cold weather.

Seventh, hair can stretch. It can stretch when it is wet up to thirty percent. However, do not pull it too far because wet hair is weak and can easily be damaged.

Eighth, it is not true that cutting the hair makes it grow. If you cut your hair, it will continue to grow as usual not more than before.
Cutting the hair only helps in removing split ends and make hair looks neat.

Ninth, the importance of hair is that it protect our head and it
preserves some heat.

Last, a person’s hair tells a lot about them. Scientists can know many things from hair as the food one eats, drinks, and his choice of lifestyle.

Facts you don’t know about your hair

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