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Face Washing, What to Do and What to Avoid

Washing your face is the first thing that you do when you wake up everyday, but have you asked yourself if you are doing it in the right way?! Yes, washing your face may sound so simple, but you need to avoid some stuff and follow others to keep your face shiny and bright. The first thing you need to do is determining your skin’s type whether oily or dry, this step will help you to choose the appropriate cleanser to use.

It would be better to consult your dermatologist about your skin’s type and what would be the best choice for you. Give your face a chance to breathe and give your cleanser a chance to play its magic and make sure to remove all the makeup using a good makeup remover or makeup wipes before you wash you face.

You use your hands all the day at work or at home, so you can imagine how many germs and grimes your hand may hold. Yes, your hands can hurt your face, if you don’t wash them carefully before you wash your face. You may be saying SERIOUSLY, but that is the truth we usually don’t pay enough attention to these small and harmful habits in our daily life.

For sure that isn’t it, do you know that the water temperature could affect your face in a bad way? Yes, washing your face with too hot or too cold water could be harmful to your skin, so the best thing is to wash your face with lukewarm water to maintain your skin’s health.

Pat and don’t rub, some people think that too much rubbing means more cleaning, but it’s a wrong theory, rubbing your face too much will cause some irritation to your face and you will end up with dry skin as well.

Exfoliation, we all know its importance for our skin to look fresh, but overdoing exfoliation isn’t appropriate for your skin, exfoliating your face two or three times a week would be more than enough.

Your face’s towel has an important mission in keeping your face looking good; make sure to use a private one for you and always make sure to use a clean and soft one and remember, pat and don’t rub while drying you face.

Face Washing

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