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Expecting a Baby? Here’s How to Prepare for the Day of Delivery

The time of welcoming a new family member is surely an exciting time. If you had gone through labor before, you probably know what to expect on the day of delivery. However, if it was your first time to give birth, you might need some guidelines to help you prepare for this special day. First baby or not, you will surely find the following tips helpful to keep on mind.

1. Make Decisions Concerning This Day Before It Comes

Prepare the clothes that you will be comfortable in for delivery and decide if you want to walk, stand or just sit during the first part of delivery. You might need painkillers so check with your doctor what will be appropriate for you on this day. Decide who you want to be available along with your husband beforehand.

2. Listen to the Medical Professionals

Don’t insist to be induced or have more medications if the medical professionals advice you not to.

3. Inform Your Family and Friends of the Date

Labor can be time consuming so letting your close friends and family members know that you are spending a particular day for delivery will save you the trouble of answering worried phone calls. You might want to have someone inform them of your well being after delivery but don’t bother yourself in the middle of labor.

4. Final Touches

You might want to have your headphones with you to listen to relaxing music during the day. Don’t forget to equip your husband with a camera for the unforgettable photographs of holding the baby for the first time. Since there will be photographs, carry with you nice clothes and makeup to wear after giving birth. Having some change for vending machines is also a plus if you are going to stay a little in the hospital.
Baby Here's How to Prepare for the Day of Delivery

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