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Exercises That Target Stubborn Arm Fat

Some parts of the body are more susceptible to accumulate what is called stubborn fat, which means that even rigorous exercise and strict diets may make a minimal result, one of those areas is the upper arms,

even after you succeed to lose weight the left flabs will cause huge embarrassment to wear sleeveless dresses and show off your success in losing weight, therefore I brought you the following list with the best exercises to tone your upper arms, get rid of flabs and burn fat super fast.
Note/ You need to practice these exercises regularly to get your desired result.

1- Arm Rotating.

This simple exercise won’t only help you reduce fat in your arms but also can be used as a warm up before any exercise.
Simple stand straight with your arms stretched to each side completely.
Close your palm in fists. Start rotating your fists in clockwise direction, start off slowly then increase speed gradually.
Put your arms down after every ten counts to your sides to relax for 15 seconds then repeat.

2- Scissors Exercise.

This is another exercise that helps strengthening the arms and reducing fat.
Stand up straight with your legs apart, stretch your arms to each side, bring in your arms to cross each other in front of your chest then stretch them back to the sides, repeat this exercise twenty times and take 15 seconds rest then repeat.

3- Wall Push Ups.

Wall push up helps to strengthening the arms muscles which in return helps in toning the upper arms area.
Stand against the wall with at least one arm length distance between you and the wall.
Stretch your arms to touch the wall with your palms close to each other and lean forward while having your back straight to bring your chest as near as possible but not touching the wall, then push your body back to its straight position and repeat ten times then take 15 seconds rest.

4- Chair Dip Exercise.

This exercise is one of the best exercises to target the upper arms fat, it also helps in toning sagging skin.

Set on a chair with your hands gripping the sides of the front of the chair where you are sitting.
Place your heals apart from each other and move them forward, then firm your grip on the chair, move forward to slightly touch the floor with your bottom pull your body back up to sit in the straight first position again using your arms.
Repeat this 20 times.

Exercises That Target Stubborn Arm Fat

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