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some exciting funfacts about salt!

Do you know a lot of things about salt? Of course you understand that too much salt is dangerous for your health and you apparently know that salt is either extracted from the sea or drilled from rocks.

But there are some extra facts about salt that you might not have known before.

1. The suggested everyday intake of salt is only 1 teaspoon.

For the normal adult, the maximum salt that the USDA suggests you have is
2,300mg, that is around one teaspoon. Actually, anyone can’t really control their salt intake because salt is found in several foods from bread to the sweetest tasting fruits. The handiest advice you could apply is not to put extra salt on food at mealtimes and give up salty meals like potato chips and other salted snacks.

2. You can’t eat too much salt!

If you eat too much salt in a single go it will be deadly. If you were to eat one gram of salt for each kilogram of your personal weight, then salt would destroy you. In old times, death by salt excess, used to be the chosen method of death by the Chinese society.

3. Salt used to be a valuable property.

Before salt wasn’t so easily accessible as it is now. it was so important that people named it white gold. Right up to the beginning of the 20th century, a one pound bag of salt was often used in Ethiopia as the primary form of currency.

4. All salt includes the same quantity of sodium.

Several people think that sea salt and kosher salt are greater for you since they have less sodium, however, this is not correct, as all salt has the same quantity of sodium. The truth is that a teaspoon of table salt will include more salt than a teaspoon of sea salt since the grains are finer.

some exciting funfacts about salt!

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