7 Essential Tips of Hair Styling to Enjoy Gorgeous Hair

Taking care of your hair doesn’t only mean shampooing. If you want to have gorgeous breathtaking hair, you must know what the essentials of hair styling are, learn to follow healthy hair habits and avoid damaging habits. The tips we provide you with in this article are all easy to follow if you want to enjoy lush, glamorous locks.

7. Leave Your Hair When It is Wet : Do not mess your hair while it is wet and leave it to dry for a while before detangling it, squeezing it into an elastic band or even sleeping on it. Doing these actions to wet hair will probably break it.

6. Sunscreen Your Locks : Exposing your hair to a hundred hours of sunlight causes equivalent damage to that of leaving it in bleach for half an hour. Hence, either cover your hair with a hat while in the sun or spray it with a product with SPF for protection.

5. Blow Dry without Nozzle : Remove the nozzle of your blow dryer to distribute the heat instead of accumulating it while styling.

4. Spray Your Hair with Heat-Protectant before Styling : Hairstylists always spray heat-protectants before using a flatiron or a blow dryer. These products will not only make your hair look good after styling, it will also protect it from breakage and split ends.

3. Handle Your Hair with the Right Tools : Choose a wide-tooth rubber comb for detangling your hair and a boar-bristle brush for styling.

2. Take Care of Your Scalp : Treat your scalp with oils like coconut, sunflower or almond oil to nourish it for the growth of healthy hair.

1. Carefully Use Flatiron : Make sure that your flatiron doesn’t exceed 400 degrees or better use a flatiron with an auto-sensor that doesn’t allow the heat to go above 300 degrees.
Tips of Hair Styling to Enjoy Gorgeous Hair

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