Three Energy Boosting Snacks To Prevent The Afternoon Slump

Going through the afternoon slump is not easy, you are completely tired yet you still need to push through the day, while having a sugary drink, a cup of coffee or a canned food snack may push yoiur system for a while, they are just setting you for weight gain and a crash short after, so the ideal option is to have a snack rich in protein and fiber, protein will keep your brain cells alert and focus while the fiber takes time to digest making you feel full and having energy for longer times, the following are just a few suggestions for the best afternoon snacks to boost your energy and prevent the afternoon slump so read on.

1- Pumpkin Pudding.

This lovely snack will get you back on track in no time, it is rich in both fiber and protein yet it is super easy to prepare, you only need to mix one container of low fat Greek yogurt with half a cup of 100% pure pumpkin puree, you can add a pinch of grounded cinnamon or grounded nutmeg to enhance the flavor.

2- Hummus Deviled Eggs.

Instead of following the traditional Deviled Eggs recipe which is just rich in mayonnaise, fat and cholesterol, we will substitute the egg yolks with Hummus, that way you will get double the protein, much lower calories and at the same time you are getting almost no cholesterol at all, not to mention it is very filling and satisfying.

3- Roasted Chickpeas.

When it comes to chickpeas they are packed full of both fiber and protein so you will need nothing more, when they are Roasted they add a wonderful crunch that will sure curb your hunger, they are nicely seasoned as well so ditch Doritos and potato chips and just snack on Roasted Chickpeas to do your body a favor.
Energy Boosting Snacks To Prevent The Afternoon Slump

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