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End Sugar Addiction Now and Save Yourself

If you knew a substance as poisonous, you certainly wouldn’t ingest it. But why do we intake great amounts of sugar even though we know that this leads to serious health problems like obesity and diabetes? The answer is simple: We’ve become sugar addicts. Know what kind of sugar addict you are and how to overcome this addiction by reading on.

Lacking Dopamine

Dopamine is known as the feel-good chemical that is secreted in the brain. When there is little dopamine in the body, sugar craving comes to make us eat and raise the dopamine levels temporarily. Getting a neurotransmitter panel test next to a blood test to check for enzyme deficiency genetic marker is advised to know if this was your condition.


Tired people often resort to sugar to get energy needed to continue their activities. A sugar-filled energy drink would raise their serotonin levels which cause excitement, yet insulin resistance backfires making them more exhausted. Replace a sugary treat with a multivitamin powder mixed with five grams of ribose for energy. Receiving sufficient sleep, exercising and eating five balanced meal per day will also help eliminate the strong desire of sugar.

Hormonal Changes

Aging comes with severe hormonal changes especially during menopause and just before it. A decrease in estrogen levels in women or testosterone levels in men can lead to anxiety and depression which is usually fought with sugar. To counteract the decrease of estrogen, take a handful of edamame daily.

Adrenal Fatigue

Above our kidneys, reside the adrenal glands which help in controlling blood sugar. The adrenal glands also secrete cortisol hormone, during times of stress. Cortisol motivates the release of blood sugar giving you a bad temper when hunger strikes. A lot of stress exhausts the adrenal glands making them unable to control blood sugar. Solve adrenal fatigue problems by getting licorice root and vitamin C and B5 supplements.

 Sugar Addiction

End Sugar Addiction Now and Save Yourself

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