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Mentally strong people probably used to doubt themselves just like; they were not born that way.

There are certain empowering affirmations to develop confidence in yourself so you can be mentally strong.

– I am in charge of my life: Mentally strong people know it is ok to make mistakes; they do not blame others for their lack of success because everyone should accept personal responsibility. Many people do not see themselves as powerful CEO, but rather a janitor who cleans up messes reluctantly when they must. This is a self- defeating attitude that will lead to a purposeless life where you do not have any idea of what you hope to achieve.

– I am very strong, nothing can break me: Mentally strong people know it is ok to get upset, but it is not ok to let any negative events to destroy them emotionally or to let circumstances to steal their joy. It would be helpful to find a role model who overcame far greater obstacles than what you are facing. Think of Stevie Wonder who, despite being blind,
became a master pianist.

– I have the power to make decisions: Mentally strong people do not struggle over every decision; they plan for important matters and they do not treat trivial things as it is a life- changing decision. They know that success is for people who act decisively and swiftly, without obsessing over future outcomes beyond their control.

– No one will believe in me, if I do not believe in myself: Mentally strong people do not doubt themselves because questioning your abilities will only discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Believing in yourself, on the other hand, will open more possibilities than you can imagine and encourage you to trust your intuition.


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