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Each of us has a unique story to tell and if your story is filled with more sad moments than happy ones, the best place to start changing that is within your head. Once you believe you are emotionally strong, you will unconsciously begin to take control over your life and act stronger than before.

The crucial skill that will help you create the life you want is learning how to become emotionally strong. Like a muscle, emotional strength gets stronger the more you use it. Knowing the things emotionally strong people do not do will help you create the existence you seek for yourself.

– Confident people are comfortable in their own skin; they do not need to be constantly the center of attention, as emotional strength means confidence.

– Emotionally strong persons do not allow negative people and haters to bring them down; they weed them out, and instead they surround themselves
with positive people.

– They do not give up or stop believing in themselves; they know the secrets of making dreams come true, which are confidence, courage, constancy and curiosity. The most essential quality of emotional strength is belief; when you believe in something, believe in it all the way.

– They do not fear love – experiencing heartbreak makes people with emotional strength stronger; it does not hold them back. You should not shut love out of your life because you have been hurt. Open up your heart as the love you will find eventually is worth everything you go through to get it.

– They do not fear slowing down – when you push yourself too hard, you will need to slow it down and take a step back. It is great to have a drive, but not at the expense of your health; sometimes a time for reflection and relaxation is needed.