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Eight Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the best and most exciting times women experience in their lives. However pregnancy is also when the woman’s body experience a lot of changes among the most common and known changes pregnant women experience are morning sickness, breast enlarging and weight gain, but that is not it, there are also other many strange changes women experience when they are pregnant, below we will list to you some of the weirdest things women experience that is associated with the pregnancy.

1- Easily Forgetting Things.

You may enter a room and you totally forget why you went to that room in the first place, experiencing fuzzy thinking and sometimes forgetfulness is absolutely common among pregnant women and it is nothing to worry about, that happen due to the damage the occurs to some of the brain cells that quickly repair after the sixth month of the pregnancy.

2- Your Skin Looks Shiner.

After the 20th week gestation, the blood in our bodies increase to almost ,50% more which also increase the oxygen and blood flow to the body cells including skim ells which makes it looks shinier and healthier, another reason for that is because your oil glands get very active during pregnancy which can be count as good for those who are not suffering from oily skin but it can be very annoying for women who already have oily skin.

3- Spider Veins.

This is another thing women experience during pregnancy, spider veins are not harmful, they may appear around the thighs and lower stomach but they usually disappear after giving birth.

4- Nasal Stuffiness.

Often women at the beginning if the pregnancy experience nasal stuffiness, they feel like they have a strong flu, unable to breath and that symptom may even worsen morning sickness.

5- An Increased Sense Of Smell.

Women during pregnancy get a very strong sense of smell and taste which can be very annoying a combined with nausea, but later on in the pregnancy women usually get used to it and don’t mind it that much.

6- Dark Skin Patches.

This is another one of the weirdest things that happen during pregnancy, you may start noticing dark patches around your face, belly and breast in the second trimester of the pregnancy, that is caused by the high production of melamine that occurs during pregnancy.

7- Your Feet Get Bigger.

This is another strange thing pregnant women experience mainly in the second trimester when the body start producing high levels of a hormone called relaxin which allow your pelvic bones to stretch getting ready to give birth and accommodate a growing fetus, this also unfortunately make your feet bigger, some women get their feet back to normal size after they give birth but that is not likely.

8- Numb Hands And Feet.

Women often experience numb hands and feet around the second trimester if the pregnancy and that is due to either the normal swelling of your akin tissues that occurs during pregnancy or vitamin B deficiency which helps to improve the nerve system.

Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy

Eight Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy.

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