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Eight Ways To Increase The Production Of Growth Hormone In Women

The growth hormone in women bodies is essential for many vital process such as neurological growth, skeletal, metabolism and building muscles mass, it is a protein hormone that is naturally produced by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. Women produce more growth hormones than men, it is somehow associated to the production of estrogens, and even though men seem to have bigger bodies and the ability to build up muscles easier than women, this hormone is actually produced more in women. By learning how to increase the production of growth hormone naturally, you will be able to have a muscly and healthy body much easier. Read on to discover what you can do I to increase growth hormone naturally.

1- Do High Intensity Exercises.

Doing more than ten minutes straight of high intensity exercises daily contribute to the production of growth hormone in women as well as men, high intensity exercises such as p90x, Cross Fit and Hiit in addition to lifting weights would be great to boost your growth hormone production naturally.

2- Strength Training.

Strength training increases the growth hormone production naturally specially if a combined with high intensity exercises, women tend to get more benefit from strength training by doing it for more than ten minutes daily without resting breaks.

3- Take Whey Protein After Working Out.

Although there is a lot of controversies around this specific tip, it was scientifically proven that women get a boost in their growth hormone when they consume whey protein after working out.

4- Fasting.

Fasting has been a religious activity for many people belonging to different religions all over the world for centuries. Scientific researches showed that with fasting 16 hours a day and having a window to eat free of 8 hours a day increase the production of growth hormone by 2000%.

5- Adequate Sleep.

During sleep your body cells repair themselves and many hormones get produced during the sleep more than any other time of the day and particularly the growth hormone, the quality of the sleep you get is as important as the duration, you can increase the quality of your sleep by sleeping in a cool, dark and quiet place.

6- Avoid Taking Naps.

Taking twenty minutes naps in midday can get you through the day with more energy but if you find yourself having difficulties falling asleep I at your bedtime then avoid taking naps at all throughout the day, also try to set yourself a specific sleeping and waking time that you follow everyday even on weekends and Holliday’s.

7- Avoid Alcohol And Cigarettes.

Alcohol and cigarettes will reduce your growth hormone further instead of increasing it, other than the growth hormone, smoking and alcohol have many other threatening health harming factors.

8- Avoid Eating Heavy Meals Before Bed.

As we said above sleep is very important to regulate or increase the production of growth hormone, eating fatty or spicy meals right before going to bed may make you unable to fall asleep or stay asleep easily due to indigestion, it is recommended to eat at least two to three hours before going t bed.

Ways To Increase The Production Of Growth Hormone In Women

Eight Ways To Increase The Production Of Growth Hormone In Women

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