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Eight Natural Remedies To Beat Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure )

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a serious condition that most of the world population now is suffering from , Hypertension have a number of health risks such as heart diseases , angiba , strokes, and even death . if you have been diagnosed with hypertension and your doctor asked to keep a normal levels of blood pressure then you should consider these Eight Natural Remedies To Beat Hypertension beside your regular blood pressure medications .

8- Sesame .

In researches that were made on the affectivity of sesame on reducing blood pressure it was found that consuming sesame or sesame oil beside antihypertensive medications is more effective on lowering blood pressure levels than taking antihypertensive medications alone , Sesame contain sesamin and sesaminol and these two substances were proven to effectively reduce oxidative stress which reduces the inflammations on the artery walls and in result contribute to lowering blood pressure .

7- Karpuravalli .

In studies karpuravalli was proven to effectively relax the arteries muscles in the stomack in addition to making the heart pulse stronger and slower which contribute to lowering the blood pressure , Karpuravalli tablets and chewing pills is an effective way to reduce blood pressure naturally in the elderlys .

6- Rauwolfia or Sarpagandha .

Rauwolfia or Sarpagandha has been in use traditionally to treat high blood pressure , insomnia , insanity and snake bites , it was one of the first effective treatments for high blood pressure and it even go in the production of many hypertension treatments, This plant work on lowering the heart rate and at the same time widen the heart vessels which lead to keeping blood pressure levels low .

5- Radish .

Radish is a vegetables that can be enjoyed in many ways , radish is rich with the mineral potassium which balance the negative effect of sodium on blood pressure , radish is most effective in terms of reducing blood pressure if eaten raw , you can include it to your salads .

4- Flaxseed .

Flaxseed help lowering blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases by lowering cholesterol levels , flaxseed is rich with alpha linolenic acid which is one of the important omega-3 acids , people who include flaxseed in their diets have been shown to have lower blood pressures .

3- Drumsticks Plant .

Drumsticks plant is rich with a number of vitamins, minerals and proteins that are important for the wellbeing of the body , extracts from this plant have been proven to effectively reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure .

2- Amla .

Almla is also another ingredient that has shown great results in lowering blood pressure, it reduce cholesterol levels in the blood which contribute to its hypertensive action , in addition to its content of vitamin C that help widening the arteries and in result lower blood pressure .

1- Garlic .

Garlic is rich with allicin that increase the production of nitric oxide which widen and relax the muscles of the arteries, garlic also is considered a blood thinner which reduce your risks of strokes and heart attacks , garlic is most effective in this regard if eaten crushed and raw .

  Natural Remedies To Beat Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure )

Eight Natural Remedies To Beat Hypertension

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