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Eight Effective Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

If you are type two diabetic person and you would like to regulate your blood sugar naturally, there fortunately is many effective steps you can follow to lower your blood sugar and keep it under control, with the following tips you can even not need the help of medicine anymore if you follow them regularly, you will be surprised how easy it is to lower your blood sugar, all it needs is just some will power and adapting some healthy habits in your life, read on to discover these eight effective tips to lower blood sugar.

8- Eat Smaller Meals Every Two Hours.

Eating small meals every two hours will help maintain your energy levels stable and protect you against blood sugar drops or spikes, eat a healthy small meal every two or three hours instead of eating three large meals.

7- Avoid Refined Sugars.

Refined sugars is the main thing to avoid if you have been diagnosed with type two diabetes, if you like the sweet taste in your teas or coffee then use natural sweeteners like natural honey instead of refined sugars, also opt to have fruits for deserts instead of cakes, ice creams or any other desert that could be rich with refined sugars.

6- Stay Away From Refined Carbohydrates.

Refined carbohydrates like rice, pasta, white bread, cakes, jams, cookies, muffins, will spike your blood sugar super fast, as your body transform them into glucose short after digesting, instead opt for complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads, vegetables, fruits and legumes to maintain your blood sugar and energy levels stable.

5- Choose The Right Foods.

Foods like potatoes, rice and white breads are high glycemic foods that get digested quickly and absorbed in the blood stream as glucose while other foods like whole grains, peas, beans, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, granola, oatmeal and cauliflower are low glycemic foods that get absorbed slowly which maintain energy and blood glucose levels stable for long time.

4- Eat More Fibrous Foods.

Foods that are rich with fibers like fruits and vegetables were proven to prevent blood sugar spikes after meals, some of the richest foods with fibers are peas, beans, oatmeal, oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and flaxseeds.

3- Drink Herbs And Take Supplements That Help.

Taking dietary supplements can be a very effective way to maintain your blood sugar at healthy and stable levels, supplements like bitter melon, bilberry, zinc, magnesium and vanadium are of the most helpful supplements to regulate blood sugar levels and herbs like cinnamon, ginger and fenugreek powder can work wonders in preventing blood sugar levels from spiking after meals.

2- Drink Black And Green Tea.

If you make sure to consume green tea and black tea unsweetened you will have more stable blood sugars and cholesterol levels as well, drink one cup of each before each meal for best results.

1- Exercise Daily.

Exercising every day for twenty to thirty minutes help your body to transform the glucose levels in your blood stream into energy which helps burning off that excess blood sugar, you don’t need to go to the gym to exercise, walking, running, climbing stairs or even dancing at home are just a few examples of daily physical activities that can help you regulate your blood sugar.

Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Eight Effective Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

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