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7 Effort and Time Saving Neat Tricks Working Mothers Swear By

Whether or not you are a working mom, I know that you are in need of these tips. Because we often run into situations that deprive us of time or energy, and it is at these times that we need all the help we could get to make things flow quickly and smoothly. So, here are some tricks many working mothers – me included – swear by.

1- Cook in large quantities. This is a neat hack all women swear by. It doesn’t only save you time, you also know that there is food in the freezer if something happens and you don’t have the time or the energy to prepare a meal.

2- Shop for groceries online. When you do the whole shop-for-groceries-at-the-market routine, you waste much more time than you need to, while all you need to waste for grocery online shopping is probable less than five minutes.

3- Get a bigger fridge. It makes sense. After all, you are preparing food and meals for a week or something in the future.

4- Plan your time. Keeping an agenda or a time planner app in your phone is useful to know when you have time and when you don’t.

5- Get your kids to help. It is not right to let your kids turn into couch potatoes while you are slaving away for them.

6- Showering should be at night time. For your kids, let them shower before going to bed when they are too tired to struggle or object. For you, it saves your time in the morning when it is very busy.

7- Eliminate negative surroundings. If you have a gaming console that is causing rebellion on the ranks, soak it in water far from their eyes. If you have bothersome or noisy neighbors, start a nice loud fight so that they would avoid you completely in the future.

7 Effort and Time Saving Neat Tricks Working Mothers Swear By

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