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The Effect Smoking Tobacco Has On Your Different Body Systems

Smoking tobacco is incredibly harmful for your health, there’s no safe way you can smoke and get away from all side effects of smoking. Even only two cigarettes a day can still impact your health negatively.
Cigarette contain over 600 ingredients, when they all burn they produce about 7000 cancer-causing chemicals that won’t only affect you but also those around you.
You may have already be aware that smoking is destructive for the health, however, before you choose the cigarette over your health, your children and family’s health, please learn exactly how smoking is shortening your lifespan and pressuring your body systems.

1- Central Nervous System.

One of the ingredients in tobacco is Nicotine which is a mood-altering ingredient that reaches your brain in seconds and gives you a temporary boost in energy and mood, that affect subsides quickly though so you crave it even more after a short time.
Nicotine is suppressed by our stress hormone cortisol, so when you are under heavy amounts of stress your body will require more nicotine to get the same effect.
Smoking reduces your sense of smelling and tasting which in return suppresses your appetite and make food less enjoyable, it also increases the risk of macular degeneration, cataract, it weakens your eyesight and physical withdrawal from nicotine causes headaches, depression, anxiousness and difficulties concentrating.

2- Respiratory System.

When you Inhale the harmful substances in tobacco over a period of time, your lugs become unable to filter out harmful toxins sufficiently, laughing won’t do its job to get rid of the harmful toxins so these toxins get trapped in your lungs increasing your risk of respiratory infections, emphysema, bronchitis and even lung cancer.
Children whose parents are smokers are more prone to laughing, wheezing and suffering from asthma attacks than children to parents who are not smokers.

3- Cardiovascular System.

Smoking has a direct and immediate effect on the cardiovascular system, as soon as nicotine hits your body, it gives you a quick boost in blood sugar followed by tightening in the blood vessels which restricts the blood flow to the vital organs of the body. Smoking also increases the risk of the oxidization of bad cholesterol and the formation of blood clots which all accompanied together can increase the risk to a stroke significantly.
That doesn’t only occur with the smoker himself but also to those around him; inhaling secondhand smoke has the same negative effect on the cardiovascular system.

4- Integumentary System.

Your skin, Hair and nails are directly affected by smoking, indeed smoking changes the structure of your skin and inhibits its natural ability to repair itself, leaving you vulnerable to wrinkles, premature aging and discoloration of the skin.
Smoking won’t only affect the quality of your hair but the smell of the smoke will cling to the hair even long after you put out your cigarette.

5- Digestive System.

As we start with the digestive system, smoking has a direct unpleasant effect on the gums and the mouth, it causes gums inflammation and infections that can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss.
Prolonged smoking can lead to cancer in the mouth, esophagus, pancreas and throat.
Smoking was also found to have an effect on insulin making you more susceptible to developing insulin resistance, type-2 diabetics are found to develop more complications at a faster pace if they smoke than if they don’t smoke.

6- Reproductive System.

Smoking affects the reproductive system of both genders. Restricted blood flow caused by smoking can cause troubles for men to get erections while the inflammatory effect of substances in cigarettes can cause cervical cancer for women.
Both men and women who smoke regularly were reported to have difficulties reaching an orgasm and smoking women are often reported to experience an early menopause than those who don’t smoke.

The Effect Smoking Tobacco Has On Your Different Body Systems

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