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3 Eating Mistakes That Trouble Your Weight Loss Attempts

1- Skipping Meals Or Healthy Snacks.

Skipping meals and staying hungry for long time can disturb your body’s natural ability to regulate and control your appetite, you brain runs on glucose and it is what control your body, so when you deprive your brain from its fuel, you are simply messing up with the rest of your body including your metabolism, Skipping meals will lead you to be like a gluttons at night, simply because your brain don’t have enough glucose to keep you on track.

2- Weekend Feasts.

It is easy to out your hands on your favorite unhealthy food on weekends to satisfy yourself, however know that the consequences will last way beyond Sunday, in a study that was made on lap rats to observe the effect of palmitic Acid which is found in most of fatty foods like pizzas and burgers on leptin which is a hormones your brain produces to regulate your appetite and make you feel full after your meal, the study found that the fat disabled leptin from regulating the body’s appetite, so having fatty foods and foods rich in carbs on the weekend can trouble your body’s ability to control appetite for the rest of the week.

3- Eating In Front Of TV.

Studies found that people who eat in front of the TV are more likely to Consume more calories, roughly about 209 to 350 more calories, the more TV you watch while eating the less active you are , so you are ingesting calories and not burning any, worse if you fall asleep right after eating, which will just make your body store all those calories you ate into fat that will be hard to burn later on.
3 Eating Mistakes That Trouble Your Weight Loss Attempts

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