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Eat Lentils Now to Lose Weight and Enjoy Other Health Benefits

Lentils have always been popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines and are starting to gain popularity among vegans and vegetarians worldwide for their high-protein content and delicious taste. The amazing thing about these legumes is that they are quite inexpensive, are easy to cook, and have numerous health benefits as following:

5. High Protein Content : In case you don’t eat meat, one of the best plant sources of protein would be lentils as just one cup of lentils contains 18 grams of protein, the amount of protein found in three eggs. These legumes also provide you with essential minerals such as iron and vitamin B which are hard to find in vegetarian meals.

4. Balance pH Level : Consumption of lentils provides the body with alkaline protein which combats high acidity of the digestive system and balances the pH level. This promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, facilitates the absorption of nutrients and prevents several digestion problems.

3. Encourage Weight Loss : Being filled with proteins and fibers, lentils are low in calories and are very filling. Using lentils as an alternative to meat can also reduce your consumption of saturated fats that contribute to weight gain. Lentils also balance your cravings to refined carbohydrates and sugars, thus, help you to lose pounds with ease.

2. Balance Blood Sugar : Lentils help in controlling blood sugar levels because their rich content of soluble fiber sticks to glucose in carbohydrates and hinders its digestion. Lentils also have a low starch content that has negligible effect on blood sugar levels compared to refined grains that are full of carbohydrates.

1. Protect Cardiovascular Health : The high amounts of soluble fibers in lentils are helpful in reducing bad cholesterol levels and protecting heart health. Lentils are also rich with potassium and magnesium that improve circulation and help oxygen and nutrients reach all body parts sufficiently.
Eat Lentils Now to Lose Weight and Enjoy Other Health Benefits

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