Easy ways to brighten your home

For many people, light places are associated with happiness, joy and comfort. Bright spacey homes are always comfy and relaxing, if your home feels dark and gloomy here are few tips to brighten it up.

1- Ditch your brown and dark furniture; try to switch it with white or light colored items. If you own dark floors then add a cream colored rug to brighten the place up. Don’t let stains scare you away from owning light colored couches or chairs, there are a lot of products for such issues.

2- Remove any tall items near windows (plant or bookshelves) because it blocks the day light from entering the room. There is a good chance that your windows are not letting inside enough light as it is. So, don’t worsen matters by blocking what little amount of light they let in with indoor plants and other things.

3- Always use sheer, white curtains. Dark thick curtains leave the room dark and gloomy. There is no sense at all in using velvet or any other heavy material for curtains in a place that doesn’t get much light.

4- Mirrors are a very important element in the decor of any place that needs to be brightened up. Add mirrors around your home to give the impression of a bigger space and it also reflects light. It is highly recommended to place a large mirror opposite a light source.

5- If any of your rooms are painted in a dark color, re-paint it! Light colors brighten any room no matter what size it is. It is amazing how a little can of pain can transform a room.

6- Clean the walls of your house. A thin layer of dirt can darken a room. If you got children, your walls would be in a dire need of constant cleaning. It makes a huge difference. Besides, it is well known that dirt is one of the primary causes of allergy.

7- Nothing beats a large plant in adding freshness to any room. Well placed large leafy plants will make wonders to your place. Brighten up your place by placing indoor plants in corners. They will beat any other type of decoration in their brightening effect.

8- Exchange your yellow-light bulbs with LED white bulbs. You may not believe it, but lighting does make a lot of difference in brightening up a place. Try it and see for yourself.

Easy ways to brighten your home

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