Five Easy Tips To Overcome Your Shyness

Being so shy is a problem many of us and specially girls are suffering from!m, excessive shyness can trouble one’s opportunities in the life to a big extent, shyness could be caused by a traumatic life experience or that it is just your personality, in both cases, it is a problem that should be fixed. The following are easy and simple tips to help you overcome being shy and become a confident person who is able to have a successful social life, so read on.

1- You Are Not Inherently Shy.

The first thing you need to believe in order to overcome your shyness is that no one was born shy, it is not in your genes, shyness is a learnt behaviour, maybe you were always told by your society or your parents as a child to behave in a certain way and always show shyness, maybe you didn’t have enough encouraging words from your family that make you have enough confidence not to be shy, or maybe you experienced a traumatic experience as a young person which lock up yourself for a while and then you became shy, in any case, you should realize that, it is not in your genes and just like you learned to be shy you easily learn to be a confident person.

2- Stop Evaluating Yourself Excessively.

A major reason for extreme shyness is always thinking how did you do in a social engagement and how the people perceived you, this is not a healthy thinking, going over every single thing you said or done and blaming yourself for everything you think was wrong you did will make you want to avoid people and only revolve around yourself in a closed circle, in order to eliminate this major cause you need to stop focusing so much for what you did and just realize that people don’t really care about what others done, they are more likely to care about themselves than others.

3- Give More Of Yourself.

Whenever you are with people, instead of being so scared to even talk so you don’t sound like a foul, feel that you are welcomed in the place you are in and relax, this will help you give more of your potential cheerful person that can bring joy and laughter to all of those around you. There must be things that you care about, start speaking about what you care about, you will surely find other that share you the same interest, and even if there is no one that show the same interest, there will be someone that have a different opinion than yours and you can have a successful social argument that will only increase your confidence and bring more of you out for people to see and know.

4- Challenge Yourself.

If you really want to get over your problem you must put some challenges in front of yourself and try as hard as you can to win these challenges, try to get into a conversation and speak your opinion freely, after this conversation you will feel so good about yourself and you will know that you can speak and you are not as shy as you think, join social activities where you can be among people and learn social skills, try to make all your time busy among other people so you get more used to dealing with others.

5- Show The Best Of You.

All people are looking for someone to appreciate and build new friendship with, whenever you are going to a social event keep it in mind that people are not waiting to see what mistakes you do, on the contrary, people may be trying to approach you and see you someone nice and you don’t know.

Easy Tips To Overcome Your Shyness

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